The Glass Ceiling Project

by Ro Spit

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released October 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Ro Spit Pontiac

The multi-talented Roland “Ro Spit” Coit started at the roots deejaying parties across the Metro Detroit area including the iconic St. Andrews/The Shelter, eventually grasping the sound hip hop crowds love to hear. Amidst his deejay sets, Coit wrote rhymes as well, a testament to his insatiable work ethic. His launch-pad arrived in the form of his cousin, One Be Lo. ... more


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Track Name: Rō'Se Gold [Intro]
We here...Glass Ceiling.
It's like I gotta, set my scene up.
I kinda brought us all here,
To show where we've been.
And to show where we can go.
I would like to propose a toast!

1. May ya Keep ya glasses full of champagne, pockets full of money

2. This world full of shit, ain't a damn thang funny

3. Where we from people play, but dealt a bad hand... Rummy

4. But if I build they'll buy it, then a bad man won.

5. Whoever thought that we'd be sittin here in suits & ties,

6. Some in a couple years, some sittin' wit they future wives.

7. See I remember when we couldn't get it "Super Sized",

8. Now we shoppin' for chandeliers & brand new coupes to drive.

9. Rides is so defined & enginered by the Germans,

10. Handcuffed in some bracelets but lately its Yurman.

11. Learnin' from mistakes of all the greats who stayed determined

12. We admire what they speak as if they preached it in a sermon.

13. Now I'm feeling like Nas on the Illmatic intro.

14. I see the pie, I need a slice I'm like Kimbo.

15. So to my kinfolk, this is my end quote.

16. If you ain't in it for the prize then what you in fo'?

I mean like...
Sometimes I feel like...
What more can I say?
Or like, what else I gotta do?
I gotta get to that next level...
Huh, it's inevitable.
Keep them Glasses up!!!

1. Uh huh, lately I been thinkin' about my life & how A Nigga livin',

2. Like one mistake can have me livin' life up in a prison.

3. How dare my babies suffer from my life if I was sentenced,

4. So I write, I'on't lie, I put my life up in a sentence.

5. I'm still behind the bars little do they know

6. I feel like If the price is life then you better get what you paid for.

7. And Clearly you can see that I'm worth the price of admission,

8. That's why the price is up whenever my likeness is mentioned.

9. (Yeah) we used to cry the blues now we designin' shoes

10. & nothin' ease the pain of fame like a couple commas do

11. I'mma prove & show livin' life behind the Cuban smoke

12. Used to lock a dollar holla now I got a few to blow.

13. Ha, momma always told me I'm above the rest...

14. And anything in this world I want I could possess...

15. Now everything I want is everything I get,

16. You wanna get thru life? you gotta learn to live it's the best.
Track Name: Forfeit ft. Freeway
Uh, Ok!!!
That's right...
We in the buildin'.
Ya'll know.


1. I'm in the D, so I slid to Burn Rubber grab a fitted

2. Told me Welcome to Detroit City, shout to Tricky.

3. This is, Freezer & Ro the heaters'll blow.

4. And the label's Cash Money case you needed to know.

5. Niggas try to snatch from me, we get Dirdee like Moe.

6. It is very necessary that I air him with the toast.

7. Rock, yellow diamonds got canaries on the gold

8. Do I get bread? Yeah I'm like Panera with the dough.

9. When I spit it's Paranormal Activities.

10. That means that I'm scary with the flow. And I got

11. Yo bitch on her Too Short shit. She just sittin'

12. In the crib Like tell me when to go.

13. It's Freeway & I'm representin' Philly.

14. But I'm in Detroit like Sheed Wallace/Rip City

15. It's Free Money records got them gangstas ridin' wit me

16. We on point with them Llamas, you'on't want no problems with me. No


Forfeit the game, forfeit the game x 8

1. Its Ro Spit here to give you what ya daddy shoulda.

2. Its called game, it's a shame that he ova looked ya.

3. We lookin' past you little bastards like a nasty hooker.

4. I lift my pinky when I drink, I'm such a classy nucca.

5. I took ya there & now its time for me to paint a pic,

6. I am what ya hear for, I'm the fuckin' main event.

7. I am like a landlord. I am what ya can't evict.

8. Then I transform to a hit. Chris Wayne or Swizz.

9. That mean that I could beat ya ass (Chris Brown) or I could beat ya rappin'. (Lil Wayne)

10. Or I could beat you like a beat (Swizz Beatz) you can't defeat a champion.

11. And that's my stamp of approval & my stamp is crucial.

12. I know you hate the nigga rappin, & the feelin's mutual.

13. I'm a student. You are just a jealous pupil.

14. You think ya shit hard? Well niggas call me Metamucil.

15. And I can't do it, but my nigga Rell a shoot ya.

16. Send you niggas straight to Heaven or is Hell ya future? SPIT!!!

**Repeat Hook**

Ro Spit.
Ha ha.
Forfeit the game...
I'mma need that up out you.
Run it.
Track Name: Who I Am ft. Buff 1 & Phil Adé
1. Oh yeah I'm the man, but put a H U in front of that,

2. That means if I can go up I can drop like a jumping jack

3. No 9 to 5 clock but I grind so I'm punchin' that.

4. I'm just another little seed out of the pumpkin patch.

5. Maintain...A level head.

6. Even kill, but think a step ahead.

7. Yeah I done been around the world, but that just mean I travelled places.

8. I'm no different than Joe Schmoe or the average Jason.

9. Only time I floss is to cleanse teeth,

10. I'm just tryinna make my ends meet, then freak, then skeet.

11. Multiply my dollars, hoes'll try to holla

12. But I'm just staying focused on my doe so I don't bother

13. Young tenders wanna screw him, cougars wanna do him

14. But they losin', when it comes to keep it movin' I'm a shoe in

15. Me & Ro Spit been close knit since before this

16. No Phrikshun, it's that Rō'Se Gold listen.

Phil Adé

I won't let the cars & clothes, & all these hoes
Take away from who I am
I gotta answer to God when it's over,
So you ought to know that I'mma stay as true as I can
This is who I am
I am
I am who I am
This is who I am
I am
I am who I am

**Ro Spit**

1. When you start seeing ya face in the magazines

2. Ya eyesight can get blurry, never let the words of another

3. Man deter me, I give you that, just pay me back I call it net 30,

4. Its black & white I wear my stripes like a ref-eree,

5. Ya heard me. Success a have you on some other shit.

6. Ya hollywood but from a place shaped like a oven mit.

7. Ya lovin' it, but made a pact like a covenant

8. That you would never be that guy, he on that sucka shit

9. Now you're the person you thought you'd never be.

10. The people you came up wit, you neva see.

11. These new niggas standin' round ya like a cheering team,

12. But you'on't think ya gassed up, its just kerosene.

13. Please, you in the bitches like a papsmear?

14. But they'll fuck you off a song you did last year

15. Ya ego's up, like the price of cashmere

16. Me, I'm standing on level ground, now get yo ass here


1. When the money come, the people came.

2. When the money go, the people fade.

3. That VIP life don't happen for ya everyday.

4. Go on let that sink in, let it Marinade.

5. It serinades, sweet as a carrot cake.

6. Its all these people in ya ear like a hearing aide

7. If you listen to what the man in the mirror say,

8. Everything that was a blur is just as clear as day

**Phil Adé**

Phil A-Dé
1. and that's real shit, impossible to count the fakes I deal with

2. I still spit & carry on, I'm talkin' hits, I'm Barry Bonds.

3. Yet to get my chance at bat, text you you don't answer back.

4. That's ok, just watch the place you throw ya diva tantrums at.

5. Niggas blowin' right & left, reachin' new heights wit no depth

6. What's ya legacy, what will we learn in our life at ya death?

7. Same nigga you see leave will be the same when as he left

8. I got the Will to win, you ain't even got the Jazzy Jeff.

9. Unlike you my dude I do this for my friends & family

10. Annually it's apparent you ain't near enough to handle me.

11. Who I am to me is who I plan to be, you won't

12. Catch me shootin' or talkin' bout movin' Caine like I'm Danity

13. At exclusive parties, to youngins' under a canopy,

14. Moscato for the model but for me Ciróc & cranberry.

15. Being me is my intent, you meant you join the camp wit me.

16. I am who I am still doin' the shit you can't believe. Word.

Track Name: I'm So All Alone
South x...

1. I wrote this, high in the air on a plane no paper.

2. Made myself unatainable Bei we so Maejor.

3. Nothin' on my left or right I got no neighbors

4. Biz straight my name on the "Markie" (marquee) they caught the Vapors.

5. Chaser don't go wit nothin' smooth as Platino.

6. Bottles all around for my dogs I call 'em Dino.

7. Wit the bitches I'm the guy who win 'em all… Geno. (Auriemma)

8. I was sent here for you to NV, I'm Reno.

9. We know, I got a lotta groupies & they watchin' hard.

10. I hit 'em once & keep it pushin' like a shoppin' cart.

11. Heh, they only love me when I'm droppin' bars.

12. You think they'd be around if I was into moppin' floors?

13. No. But this the life that I chose to live.

14. I'm on the road & all I wanna do is hold my kids.

15. Money talks & only doe can get a hold of Spit.

16. That's why I'm missin' all these calls & I ain't noticed shit.


I did it by my fuckin' self
And I ain't need nobody fuckin' help
I'm just posted at the top sing
Now watch a Nigga do his damn thing

1. I'm here now so I gotta make the best of it

2. It feels better when you grind & get a check from it

3. We to the top & hope we never leave or let plummet.

4. And if you hatin' you can suck where my left nut is.

5. What is life if you can't control your destiny.

6. I call the shots cause if I don't then that's the death of me.

7. The recipe is go harder than the next, cause if you rest,

8. What is left? And from that mess you get the best of me.

9. I'm so fly I think I fuck around & took flight.

10. You look at me & you a see what money look like.

11. I'm brash, I just need a bad bitch that cook right.

12. I'm claimin' it the main event I'm like a good fight

13. On pay-per-view & my niggas make the news

14. I'm a Staple in the center of my city like a Laker dude.

15. Chess or checkers yeah whatever gone make ya move.

16. But I would cruise man this really ain't the place for you cause...

**Repeat Hook**

**Scratches (DJ Presyce)
Track Name: Lonely Road ft. Melanie Rutherford
Yeah I had to do something to escape life.
It's hard to go for broke when all you see is break lights.
With no propellers, no wings I had to take flight.
When most niggas couldn't cut it, I'm a steak knife!!!

1. Anything that came for me is taylor made.

2. You do what you can do, you layaway.

3. Its safe to say, I can eyeball the fake

4. From afar nigga, I call a spade a spade.

5. Made a couple dollars just from playin the game,

6. Enough to add 2 cylinders now changin' them lanes,

7. Feel that much better while we chasin' the fame.

8. Shame on a nigga, if he hatin' he lame.

9. You can blame the nay sayers for how hard I go.

10. Ice water flow bitch, aren't I cold?

11. It's a part I choose to give you & a part I don't,

12. But whatever I give you know its from the heart, I show...

13. Show love, like Play or CDG

14. Leave me be, disc in CD speak.

15. See me peak when y'all niggas 3 ft. deep.

16. Fangs out, wolf time baby we see sheep...Yeah!!!

Melanie Rutherford

I see myself, how I'm supposed to be
Beyond the norm. This is my destiny.
Many are called, but I was chose for this
Lonely road. For this...Lonely road

1. A couple people in a couple places hollerin' my name now,

2. Now a nigga hot, you know some shit about to change round,

3. Here, get it clear I took a Lear out to Capetown.

4. When you on that fly shit, you do it that way, Pow

5. They shit, basic, I'm in there face with,

6. Cake bitch, laced with, Damier bracelets.

7. If I'on't answer when the people say "Hey Spit", I'm in surgery

8. They said the game need a facelift.

9. Ha, then I stroll to the pot o' gold,

10. Heard so many A's you'd think that I was on the honor roll.

11. I'm kinda cold & I'm tighter than the pot is rolled

12. I like my beer wit a Red Stripe like my Prada sole.

13. A shot o' Trōn & some Dom Perignon,

14. If you ain't drinkin' what we drinkin' nigga gone carry on.

15. We to the plane wit a dame & a carry on.

16. Livin' life like stars & we barely on... Spit

**Repeat Hook**

Yeah I was chose for this lonely road.
A road only those this cold can stroll.
I see myself in the pros or, somewhere in that fold.
Many were called but they can't walk like I walk,
Or talk like I talk. And They get bought?!?!
Shit dont blame me.
It's yall fault.

**Repeat Hook**
Track Name: All I Know ft. Dwele
Uh huh
This feel good man...
Feel like I'm, like I'm on top of the world.

1. Who you know spend doe like Ro & sip Mo in a recession?

2. I'm at a crossroad stop/go in the session.

3. I'm in a intersection, finna get a blessin',

4. Settin' up, revvin up, for what a nigga destined for.

5. I came to get a fortune black,

6. I left the hood I ain't one to go forth & back.

7. I seen it all from the drugs to the whores & macks

8. And put the world on my shoulders like the tourture rack.

9. Of course I rap, I ain't just talkin just to talk fam.

10. I'm so on even when these niggas off brand.

11. I hold my nuts when I strut, I don't walk man.

12. The only time you grab ya nuts is when you cough, damn. (cough)

13. I'm physically in the best shape I'll ever be.

14. My pedigree Heavenly "Check My Melody".

15. I rock 'em (Rakim) from the front row to the mezzanine.

16. I'm possibly the hottest nigga that you ever seen...

Now bring it back


Ballin's all I know.
Fist full of cash, model in the whip.
Wood on the dash, Gucci on the wrist now.
My whole crew's out of control
Investments. Grown man shit.
Bungalow in Troy, Burn Rubber kicks
Boy I'm a star, look at how I shine now.
Ballin's all I know

1. They should probly call me Jim Crow how I seperate from most niggas.

2. Why they still in line? I'on't know, go figure. The flow

3. So real I wish a nigga try & take mines.

4. A Go-rilla & I ain't talkin' bout a Bape sign.

5. I'm a go getta I can show you when the session end.

6. I Polo, she manolo. Yes I win.

7. I pour the glass half full, you a pessimist.

8. Then pour it out so I can show you what my blessin' is.

9. I live a life most niggas couldn't dream about.

10. Just to get home, I gotta take the scenic route

11. I put my eyes to the sky so I can see the clouds.

12. 745, Its time to pull the Beamer out.

13. I see the smile on the Angel wit the dirty face.

14. It's still an Angel so I'm hearing every word he say.

15. It's food for thought & I was scrapin' up the dirty plate.

16. I'm on my grind til I'm standing @ the pearly gates...

Now bring it back

**Repeat Hook**

Ballin's All I Know
Track Name: The City

Uh oh, look @ what you got
A nigga gettin' money from the muthafuckin' block
In the city, the city put it's hands on me
This is where in from, put a stamp on me
The city, reppin' my side til I die,
These bastards can't figure out why, I ride for my city
My city is a hustle in itself from the block
To the top get ya wealth. My city (echo)

1. Yeah this the city, you say the wrong word they'll cut ya throat.

2. We go thru life wit a i'on't give a fuck approach.

3. Nice frames but if niggas comin' cuff em bro

4. This ain't New York but niggas paid bills for them Buffalos

5. Fuck wit hoes that like candy, only up the nose.

6. And our bottles all pink cause we fuck wit Rose.

7. Ya team straight but ya team can't fuck wit Ro's

8. Red & green G's from my feet to my fuckin' clothes,

9. Fuck the po's & potholes they both somethin' savage,

10. Hit one now my muffler draggin' like Puff the magic

11. We puff the magic whip the Benz like it's a Cutlass classic,

12. And I ain't hit ya baby momma cause that come wit baggage

13. As luck would have it, the money tends to come with status,

14. The only cheese you gettin', is Fumunda damn it.

15. If there was a time, this a be the one to panic,

16. My niggas tend to be above you niggas under average.


Uh oh, look @ what you got
A nigga gettin' money from the muthafuckin' block
In the city, the city put it's hands on me
This is where in from, put a stamp on me
The city, reppin' my side til I die,
These bastards can't figure out why, I ride for my city
My city is a hustle in itself from the block
To the top get ya wealth. My city (echo)

1. Rock city, rock wit me, niggas know

2. The blocks in me, got envy. Hey.

3. They popped wheelies, came thru popped Willie.

4. Will they tell the boys? nope. Niggas not willin'.

5. Not snitchin' you get caught you was not wit me,

6. The crackheads singin' even though they not Whitney,

7. I'm chilly. Y'all not really.

8. Somebody asked me for my thoughts, this is my penny.

9. Semi, auto, fully auto blastin'

10. And we don't care what the Mayor did off in that mansion.

11. Askin' for somethin' might get you what you was lookin' for

12. And lookin' too long might get somethin' tooken off.

13. Arm legga legga arm head amputated

14. Especially if ya name found on a affidavit.

15. Save it, them city boys ain't nothin' to play wit

16. They told me I would never find my way but I made it out the city.

Track Name: Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams ft. Guilty Simpson
Prod. Peter Parker
Track Name: Fly MC
1. I'm Gone off Petreezy, she's off the Riesling,

2. We off beat, but on point like a bee sting.

3. The bling bling out, what stay tucked is the thing thing

4 And that's for them Jackboys, gone off the thief's theme.

5. We bring the party when we come through the door.

6. Hands in the air, champagne to the floor

7. We poor a couple bottles then poor us some more

8. Then order shit we can't pronounce like Hors Devours.

9. You think you on my level? Nigga Por Favor

10. I Burn Rubber on you brothas screamin' Au Revoir

11. I guess you in another league Ro. Of course of course.

12. I'm the Emmy's or the Grammy's, you the Source awards.

13. I'm bored & I'm a Lord probably reading the Forbes,

14. A snob that hob-nob with the Robb Report

15. This is real life baby boy, it's not a sport,

16. But you lost so now you wine (whine) like you popped a cork. Dork.

1. I was raised in them days of the 90's, bitches jump back

2. Nigga raw denim on, red lumberjack.

3. Fresh from my step's to the bottom of my hat

4. Put me in a group & watch a nigga spread from the pack black.

5. I know it's kinda weird to hear ya man go solo,

6. You probably pitched a bitch like Hideo Nomo.

7. When I'm on, they on, so they blow doe doe.

8. Now run & tell ya friends like the Play Cloths logo.

9. Ya'll just catching up to shit we was on last year,

10. Blazers on our feet, the Polo cashmere,

11. Ape shit, then we was rockin' Nigo's Bape shit...

12. But that was like 8 years ago, now Bape shit ain't shit

13. Paint this, picture for my people in they lanes,

14. I'm on another chapter, how could we be on the same page?

15. Or on the same stage if you another rapper...

16. There's no other before, now you you know what I'm after.
Track Name: Bad Muthafu@#a ft. Jon Connor & Stretch Money
Ro Spit talks his shit...

1. When it comes to livin' life nigga cash rules

2. No disrespect I know I'm doper than the last dude

3. And whoever next I guess a nigga in a brash mood

4. If you disagree I gotta render you a damn fool.

5. Yeah I be shittin' on em you can take a smash too.

6. But I be in the lab you be in the bathroom

7. Fam i gotta tell you sumthin' it's some bad news

8. Ya girl step I'm a dog I gotta cock her (Cocker)...Spaniel,

9. Yeah the promotors & the owners tend to pay me well.

10. You might see me in 11 in a Cedes

11. If you ain't say it to me how I know you hate me weeeelllllllll

12. I'm not the devil but I'm hot you know I gave em hell,

13. Still on the list in Heaven Lord knows yes &

14. When I die bury me in my Bordeaux 7's

15. I pray I choose wisely in that forked road setting

16. I did & finally figured out why y'all so threatened heh

**Stretch Money**

Could it be the way I hustle? Is it cause of how I grind?
Is it cause you see my face & here my name all the time?
Cause I know that I'm the shit, I just laugh at you suckas,
I'm a Bad Mutha, Bad Mutha, Bad Muthafucka ain't I?
Fresh as hell from the gear to the floor?
And that's only half of what I have in store.
The dopest on the low, I'on't really mean to brag on you bustas
But I know that I'm a Bad Mutha, Bad Mutha, Bad Muthafucka, ain't I?

1. I ain't mad I gave you reasons to be hatin' on me

2. But when you see me you smile, you niggas fake & phony

3. I'm @ the top wit gwap & you all in the basement lonely

4. My pockets fat when I rap, but like James I'm boney

5. I got wit sIx & clicked & shit started to change for me

6. Made my own lane Hov style get it HOV

7. Oh boy I'm on my Cam Bull…Naomi

8. We get cake, & move heavy weight...James Toney

9. If they ain't know me, they know me now we coney isle.

10. They hold me down in the D, you know the Homey's Clown.

11. Holy cow you got the bread you better show me now

12. Cause the price about to spike believe it's never coming down,

13. Funny how bitches went from actin' funny style

14. To doin' what I want before I ask I'm gettin' money now.

15. Dummy I'll run laps around ya laugh about ya

16. Yea we outchea & my diamonds shinin' like the sun is out, spit

Repeat Hook

**Jon Connor**

1. How could you ever get the notion that you could ever make waves

2. Throwin' pebbles into a ocean how bout you lettin' that soak in?

3. Still screamin' fuck the world like me & the world was boning,

4. So every time I go in, I got the heart of a Trojan.

5. Bringin' real shit back my nigga I am the spokesman

6. I am not playing games like I used up all of my tokens.

7. Niggas scared of success & they on my dick,

8. I guess all that deepthroatin' is what's been havin' them chokin'

9. Niggas bitches & they nervous in the alley clenchin' they purses

10. The flow is sick, they the nurses but ain't no healin' these verses

11. From where niggas lay hands on you not like you sittin' in Churches

12. And they pack burners that'll send you clowns back to the circus.

13. I stay on my J O, Ya'll niggas is Jayos.

14. Every joint is fatal this one gettin' wings in the Halo

15. What I'm gone do to the game, you ever seen a tornado?

16. You wanna dance with the Devil, let's get ready to tango

Repeat Hook

Stretch Money talks his shit...
Track Name: Alotta Those
Shout out to my team
We to the top
And I know you want my spot...

1. It ain't too many rappers where I be...I'm where the money at.

2. I hope these rappers guaranteed...I want my money back.

3. It ain't where ya from, it's where ya at, I think it's funny that

4. Alotta niggas think I'm from the D, but I'm from Pontiac.

5. Spat!!! The past tense of what ya mans do.

6. My fam cool, we FUBAR & go HAM too.

7. You betta pay me what you owe ya shit is past due.

8. I leave the scene with the green...SNAFU.

9. My tattoos will tell the story of my whole night.

10. I hold it tight but take a chance like I roll dice,

11. I'm married to success, see how they throw rice.

12. Yeah we eloped with the hopes its for our whole life.

13. No lie I put that on my daughter's college fund.

14. I gotta run but I'll be in it 'til the dollars come.

15. I ain't the one to take an" L" but I ain't knockin' them.

16. Whether a "L"oss or a b"L"unt, cough a lung.


Designer clothes, I'm in those. Sick as a common cold.
It's phenomenal. When we rock & roll.
We linin' goes up like Dominoes, lock & load I cop it,
That's why I got alotta those.
Haters swingin' on my DICK!
I got alotta those.
Niggas takin' notes on this.
I got alotta those.
Ya shoes man, they ain't doin' shit.
I got alotta those.
And the bars man they ain't gone quit.
I got alotta those.

1. Give me the whole pie, I don't want a fuckin' portion.

2. Yo momma shoulda swallowed, or had her an abortion.

3. Caution, I'mma Keep droppin', more shit

4. And you ain't go enough to win, you probly need to forfeit

5. I'm scorchin', spit in the pages of Fortune,

6. Five Double 0 or Forbes &, it's more than,

7. Some clothes hangin' on my back, I'm so couture

8. But for real, I'm more Gucci than Jordan, I'm Lordin'.

9. Fourth & goal they call my number like I owe 'em.

10. These niggas say they looking' for the truth I'm bout to show 'em.

11. That I am what you hate to see when thinkin' of opponents.

12. Cause I am what you see when at the top cause I am on it.

13. I know it's surreal, I can't lose, I'm like Parker Lewis.

14. Many try but fail, cause they ain't got the heart to do this.

15. I be in a whole mother league, I'm like a Harvard student,

16. Ivy (IV=4=for) you're information, I'm far from stupid.

**Hook x 2**
Track Name: How It Goes ft. Suai
1. Picture this. You "shoulda" had it all.

2. He shut down the store? You "coulda" had the mall.

3. If you was on my team, you "woulda" had it all.

4. "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" seen the writing on the wall.

5. I had you in Dooney, Gucci & Juicy Couture.

6. In step with Guissepe & the Louis Vuitton.

7. Tiff Diamonds on ya charm bracelette Kerrigan style,

8. Look at you with that up do, tearin' it down

9. But sit still. If you ain't know, I'm sort of a big deal,

10. Ya man ain't eatin' right, he's more of a kid's meal.

11. And I'm a super sized super guy that's fly

12. In the bed I get you off like two for fives. (High)

13. I thought you was the one, to make me get it done,

14. 5 carats third finger from the thumb, get some.

15. But now I sit back & think where did we go...umm

16. Wifey turned Hyphy, in the mental she go DUMB!!!


Show you how it...
I'mma show you how it goes
I'mma show you how it...
I'mma show you how it goes
Show you how it...
I'mma show you how it goes
I'mma show you how it...
I'mma show ya

1. Ro wit the flow is so melodic.

2. Blue rocks on the watch, that so Hypnotiq.

3. Red strip on the kicks, so you know it's Prada.

4. 9 on my hip, you'on't want no problems i'm,

5. Known on the beats for incredible thoughts.

6. Mixed with Hen dog that's Incredible Hulk.

7. I eat wack rappers like they edible ya'll.

8. A couple chickens on the dickens had to wrestle them off

9. But she the best, she'on't even know what average mean.

10. And I'm the Prince. Everybody know Cash is King.

11. And I'on't even care what you bastards think.

12. When I hug baby girl it's like I'm wrapped in mink.

13. Like Frank at the fight, a day in the life.

14. I found this chick & I made her my wife.

15. We go together like base in the pipe...

16. I hit it once, now I'm payin' the price. Sing.



1. Show you better than I can tell ya Never been a failure.

2. Keep a girl 'round me like she paraphernalia.

3. She, all I need, hard to read like braille

4. But she work hard to Earnhardt (Earn Heart) like Dale.

5. But how I'm 'posed to know she insatiable?

6. She try & change a nigga ways...incapable.

7. I can sum it all up in one statement yo.

8. You know what forced love equals? That's rape to Ro.

9. But ain't no nigga like the one she fuck with.

10. And I'on't really wanna have to deal with her dumb shit.

11. Gotta answer all the questions, who I leave/who I come with?

12. I'm done wit her, shoulda seen I how I dump this...Bitch.

The shit was crazy man
It was a scene ya know what I'm sayin' like...
Guns & knives & all type of shit, but...
Ya know.

Track Name: Silence ft. Kristen Nichole
K. Nichole

You asked for my number.
So I gave it to ya.
Them waited for the future...
Now these lines don't lead to you.
No ring on my finger,
Or trips in the winter
I thought it would be clearer...

1. But oh well, I thought I knew you well

2. These people, they can't tell,

3. When two lovers will fail,

4. I told you my details,

5. Guess that tipped the we scale,

6. And everything that you said to me,

7. Was a lie to me,

8. Cause we couldn't be


Cause you let me go
And I let it show
Now my eyes don't see
What they did before


Baby can we talk for a minute?
We can clear this up in a minute.
I know you might need your space.
Love can't be replaced, so.
Baby can we talk for a minute?
We can clear this up in a minute.
Relax for a minute.
I know your'e kinda mad at me,
Now you can't speak.
But I can't let you leave,
Let's sit in Silence. (For real?)
Silence (We gotta, we gotta go through this again?)
So we'll sit in Silence. (Ha)
Silence (I can't take this shit no more)

1. I mean...If silence is golden, why ya mouth still goin'?

2. You backwards, you say when to know when.

3. You don't know when to say when, you makin'

4. This harder for us both, you chose this game that we playin'

5. I'm sayin', I'm aware of mistakes I have made,

6. And I ain't tryinna leave you look at all the dues I have paid.

7. The shoes & the cruises, the food the amusement,

8. I'm sorry, but I'm right, it's time to lose the excuses

9. It's foolish, the same shit every time we arguin'.

10. I never charged you rent or asked you who's car you in,

11. So before I'm out, I'm askin' you baby are you in?

12. Cause when I go I'm gone, I ain't walkin' I'mma R.U.N.

13. Away, I imagined you in Vera Wang.

14. But commitment is an issue & a fear to me.

15. W'llif I'm gone tomorrow, remember that I was here today.

16. So please shut it up cause I can't stand when you say


Baby can we talk for a minute?
We can clear this up in a minute.
I know you might need your space.
Love can't be replaced.
Baby can we talk for a minute?
We can clear this up in a minute.
Relax for a minute.
I know your'e kinda mad at me,
Now you can't speak.
But I can't let you leave,
Let's sit in Silence. (See? See that's what I'm talkin' bout man)
Silence (Like, I can't, I can't, I can't do this right now)
So we'll sit in Silence. (You are something else you know that?)
Silence (Huh)

1. Now sometime it's hard for me to express feelin's,

2. Specially when you already got them tears spillin'.

3. We're dealin' with another case of feared endings,

4. Now how it get to that when we was just here chilliiiiin'.

5. To the ceilin' is where thinkers go.

6. Shit I'on't smoke but I think I need some weed to blow.

7. See the whole time I'm thinkin' I can tell the truth

8. Or I could spare you boo & simply tell you what you need to know.

9. Life is like a deck of cards different hands we deal.

10. Men deal wit fact, women deal wit how they feel.

11. See the truth of the matter is it don't matter.

12. I hear you talkin' to ya girls till the phone battery dies

13. The lies, I'm like what's it gonna be?

14. My spine & my IX's (Jordan) dippin's what ya gone see.

15. I'm gettin' mad & I really wanna leave

16. But for now just let a nigga be. Let's sit in...


Let's sit in Silence.
Silence x 3

Baby can we talk for a minute?
We can clear this up in a minute.
I know you might need your space.
Love can't be replaced, so.
Baby can we talk for a minute?
We can clear this up in a minute.
Relax for a minute.
I know your'e kinda mad at me,
Now you can't speak.
But I can't let you leave,
Let's sit in Silence.
So we'll sit in Silence.
Track Name: #onyouhoes
1. Niggas cheesy, when they see me they like Yo he getting money.

2. Funny, when it's honeys I'm like Yo these bitches love me.

3. Bummy is a word that I don't get, am I a dummy?

4. How All this paper (paper) come from rappin'? I'm a mummy.

5. King of the double entendre keep up,

6. No matter what them niggas do they know they'll never be us.

7. It's a thing or two you lookin' for it when you see us,

8. We just, Burn Rubber yeah that's when you see dust.

9. & that ain't for nobody in specific that's for everybody

10. My niggas gone get it how we live & that's forever prolly

11. Yo niggas is always fuckin' broke, they like the levy's, sorry

12. Bunch a niggas mad @ what we do they like a jealous army

13. Ornery & the rappers that you like I think they corny,

14. & boring he tell his bitch goodnight I say good morning

15. & for them niggas taking shots, this is just a warning

16. It ain't Ciroc when we takin' shots but we keep it pouring


1. Ro, I be Rackin' #onyouhoes, Yeah I'm stackin' #onyouhoes

2. Boy I'm swaggin' #onyouhoes, so you know yo

3. When niggas get to hatin' tell 'em bitch I'm gettin' money

4. & we laughin' but ain't shit about us funny, we cappin' #onyouhoes

1. I was in the strip club when I wrote this so I know it's bout to bubble.

2. A bitch was poppin' on my dick I think her name was Trouble.

3. My niggas make it rain & shit y'all niggas makin' puddles

4. I was drunk as fuck off Nino Browns & now I'm seein' double

5. Double down on a bet & I'll match you on a fade bro.

6. Out here gettin' paper call me baker cause I made doe,

7. I am in position in a place you need to aim for

8. I flame throw, you know I'm bout to win you Sugar Shane old,

9. Same old Nigga from the Yac, mr. Ceiling crack,

10. Came to put my city on the map. Can you live wit that?

11. Not to many niggas known to spat, what they live in raps

12. I can trick yo month off in a snap cause I'mma get it back

13. Back to the bar baby we too fried.

14. Left the club & I almost caught a DUI.

Like for real, I literally almost caught a DUI, but I beat the breathalizer...Hahahaha


1. Yeah, you can line 'em up, I'm the best who on the top Row? Ro

2. Nigga I'm bougie @ the bar they call me top Row Ro,

3. Back in the day my nickname off top Ro Ro

4. Ladies I'on't need ya box but you can top Ro Ro.

5. Yo, I know that was childish & a little unprofessional

6. Whatever keep these bitches on the floor. Like a sectional

7. Check if you ain't reppin' what I'm reppin' what you reppin' for

8. Let him know that they can't come in here my dear this section closed


**My Nigga Cisco**

This for you fake ass niggas & bitches, yanahmsayin'
Difference 'tween a real nigga & a fake nigga.
A real nigga gone do what he gotta do, & a fake nigga gone act accordingly, and do what a muthafucka want him to do.
You niggas betta stay in ya muthafuckin' lane, cause I'mma stay in mine.
Watch my smoke cause I'm gone Burn Rubber in mines niggas, yanahmsayin'
This for you niggas & you fake ass Hoes...
I'mma get this money

**Repeat Hook**
Track Name: Put That On My Life ft. Jwan
Livin' that life
This what I always dreamed of
Ya Know
We gettin' it

1. Just know that when you meet me I'll prolly be a jerk I,

2. Got a scene that you can only view from a birds eye,

3. As you can see, I'm livin' large, my shirt size

4. Everything I say is for real (Pharrell) like the N.E.R.D guy

5. If you're fly, I'm God, music in ya iPod

6. So dope, now it's in ya system so you might nod.

7. I know I'm the best, you might or you might not

8. Player I ain't get here being shy (Chi) like the white sox

9. Nice watch, this ain't what ya girl used to seein'

10. There's an icebox where my G-Shock used to be

11. Usually I ain't drivin' it unless it's European

12. And I tell her, "you ain't ridin' it unless you're a ten"

13. You're the center of attention when you mention you're wit my crew.

14. VIP when we dip just say my name & we slide thru.

15. Bottles all around us cause we out here livin' life dude

16. And everywhere I go I got my city on my mind ooh


They say learn the game, take ya time
Realize, we've been waiting so long for this time
And all my life, woo hoo, whoa oh oh
Do some shows hit some hoes take some pictures (Take Some Pictures)
Tour the world make history be remembered (Be Remembered)
All I want is all the shit I dream at night
And I'mma get it man I put that on my life, I put it on my life

1. Me & my lady out in St. Thomas sit in the jacuzzi.

2. We just like to get away we ain't actin bougie.

3. This is how it 'posed to be, puffin on a loosie,

4. Eatin' calamari @ the bar we eatin' sushi.

5. Juicy on the radio Biggie in the sky

6. Wishin' Diddy was where Biggie was & Biggie was alive.

7. That ain't got nothin' to do wit life, its the music

8. I'm wearing every sneaker that I'm owed if the shoe fits.

9. The blue chip that blew chips on the blue six

10. Now add the white guts, nigga that's a Cool Whip.

11. She tryinna show me somethin' right between her two lips

12. Or the flower in her pants, I call it her tulip.

13. Two shits is what I could give if you hate me

14. We livin life how we supposed to live Ain't we?

15. I mean Chelsea can't keep up wit a nigga lately.

16. I'm outta here its like I just hit the escape key

*Hook again* x 2

It's good to be here
But I know I got places to go
'Til then
I'mma do me right here
Shit that's better than where you at
To The Top
(Let me hear that)
Track Name: I Want It All [Bonus Track]
I want it all
I want it all (I, I want it)
All (I Need It)
I want it all
I want it all (I, I Want it) x 2
All (I Gotta Get It)

1. I want the Mansion on the hill, for cats to come & chill,

2. Imagine being mannish that's what happens when its real.

3. ½ the niggas rappin' couldn't match the fuckin' feel

4. And the other ½ is trash but get a pass so fuck a deal.

5. Still in my go mode when niggas movin' slow mo

6. To question is to doubt me & doubtin me is a NoNo

7. I was pullin' bitches when they was callin' me Ro Ro

8. But neva came in third, I'm first if you ain't no so,

9. On a bad day we in Purple Label Polo

10. Hit the diamond district then we trick it off in SoHo

11. Wit my lady and... we kick it DoJo

12. Its hard to keep a low pro... wit what I spent on her HoBo.

13. The Logo 2 G's what the bag cost. (Gucci)

14. I said I'd take her to the moon that's the blast off,

15. So we ain't lookin' @ you dudes we lookin' past ya'll

16. We so far ahead the you prolly think that we on Fast Forward


1. Everything I ever wanted... is right here at my fingertips.

2. The bottom of my closet look like Sneaker Pimps.

3. Weak attempts to get the crown is why I'on't even trip.

4. Shit I'll Obama the button & say my finger slipped, (Oops)

5. We the shit, flush just for courtesy.

6. We fall we bounce back we like Dame with the Curren$y.

7. You get a late pass if you ain't ever heard of me

8. But for the most part I'm thinkin' you was on a Serta sleep.

9. Word to me I Heard the beat & lost my fuckin' mind,

10. The same way a Rolie sittin' still lost the fuckin' time.

11. That's boss life we married to it, toss rice.

12. And we just wear diamonds baby its no need to floss ice.

13. Silly nigga act like you 'posed to have somethin',

14. You the reason why they say niggas can't neva have nothin',

15. You prolly bluffin' anyway you niggas glass runnin'

16. Half ass I get the last laugh cause my cash comin', run it


1. I want my cake & I want it on a plate I gotta get it all.

2. If it's money to be made I gotta get involved.

3. If I don't get applaused, I'm up in this bitch appalled,

4. Married to the game it's a shame if it get annulled.

5. Y'all walkin' I'm in 4 door Porsche mode

6. And it's gone be that way until I'm sittin' on a porch old.

7. Now we peakin' drinkin' wine called merlot

8. So we'on't paint the town red baby we paint it Bordeaux.

Track Name: Detroit 101 ft. Fat Ray, Black Milk, Fatt Father, Guilty Simpson, & Marv Won
**Fat Ray**

1. This for my nigga J Dill,

2. Fat Ray fuckin' wit Octane & Ill,

3. It's the one like Neo poppin' the read pill,

4. I'mma show them niggas how one in the head feel.

5. Bitch made like knee highs & high heels.

6. I take a switchblade & buck fifty ya grill

7. You can getcha kicks on Route 66,

8. My niggas push bricks up 696.

9. Spittin' since Slum had a Capitol deal

10. I'm hotter than clappin' the steel on Capital Hill

11. You can get some pimp shit & a slap in the grill

12. Number one like the letters on the back of the bill,

13. Get slapped with the back of the steel

14. Tiger Woods you, 9 iron put you in the back of the field

15. Shit so real, & life so ill,

16. I got more cases than deal or no deal

17. Stickin' to the basics fam,

18. You can find Fat Ray in a cold basement fam

19. Like Rakim thinkin' of a master plan

20. And I got more crack than the maintenance man.

**Black Milk**

1. Ayo press play, listen to one of the best say,

2. The best to date since days of cassette tapes.

3. I set the bar high as a black star,

4. It's outta ya reach like midgets to a backboard.

5. Check out ya raps goin', boring,

6. I got a fingerprint flow & niggas know it ain't a match for him

7. I got the tracks goin', flowin',

8. I got the raps goin', & niggas know I got the tracks for 'em.

9. Matter of fact goin', travelin' somewhere foreign...

10. On the other side of the map tourin'

11. Shit, it's so hostile, I speak the truth

12. Preach the truth it's so gospel.

13. And this the pulpit, niggas bullshit.

14. Spit maneur, nigga don't bullshit the flow

15. Switch the flow, hands up in the front row

16. Everytime we rip the show. Yeah

17. The give & go. Feels like my career's

18. Just begun while endin' yo. So

19. No pretendin', I'm in it for the long

20. Haul. A marathon on a whole song.

**Fatt Father**

1. It's the bad news baker, I red Kool-Aid ya

2. The track got heart & I'm playin' the pacemaker.

3. Breaker breaker one two I come thru

4. Razor blade ya my wordplay is kung fu

5. Made of anger, one in the chamber might do

6. Praise ya maker, in Jamaica white suit.

7. Playa playa yup I'm major,

8. You couldn't beat my life if it was made by Sega

9. Wit a Vega blaze up to savior

10. I'm cold as freeze pops, old as beatbox & beneath blocks

11. The streets hot, I don't give a fuck I keep nots,

12. In mink shops with Euro broads that drink Scotch

13. And speak not, unless they told to greet pops

14. When beef knocks I hand out tickets to meet Pac.

15. Cat's wanna hate, eat cock

16. My heat drop, a week later hit disc makers to re-cop

17. In each spot I'm known, from California to Rome

18. B.I.G. gone I'm inheriting the throne check it.

19. Fatt Father I'm the author of the truth

20. If I ain't did it in the streets, I'on't talk it in the booth.

**Guilty Simpson**

G.S. boy boy

1. Pins & needles, wit a pen I'm evil

2. Might leave you, in limbo, memo the info.

3. I'm a Lamborghini beside a Ford Tempo

4. Mob when I lynch folk, wit a Mack 11

5. In my trench coat, hurl insults, I'm like a million

6. And ten volts of shock value. Renaissance rep

7. Spit a bar of death like, make the muscles in ya chest

8. Tight weezin', heathen, sound check mics

9. Better than ya headliner, push the limit

10. I'm a red liner, out of state like fed timers.

11. My homies thoroughbred rhymers, that's the issue,

12. You draw more blanks than starter pistols.

13. Detroit swings the hardest quotes,

14. Like pillow cases filled with bars of soap.

15. Kush catalyst with cigars to smoke

16. It's a wrap shit, that's all he wrote...syke!!!

17. Alotta listeners pick my style,

18. While the others blow Dick like Ms. Vitale

19. 5 star generals mix shit up wit raw chemicals

20. Spearhead death like a Seminole.

**Marv Won**

1. Man I heard a couple niggas got a problem with me,

2. Cause I'm the anchor on the hottest squad in the D

3. Shit it's lookin' like Gollum to me, little niggas I'm dope,

4. Picabo Street can run a slalom on me.

5. I'm pure un-cut cane. You run what mane?

6. Ya niggas is chumps, all you fucks tuck chains.

7. It's nothin' but blood stains when I buck eagles.

8. I play corners & hit hard, I'm Chuck Cecil.

9. Maybe I'm Bennie Blades, Ya nigga is really paid,

10. I been getting' silly play since back in my skinny days

11. Bossed in many ways, bought all them Fendi shades

12. Believe me. I'm the one to call when in the blaze

13. It's easy. Strike 'em out all I being is K's, I'm greasy

14. Nigga only out for my Frito Lays chips & dip,

15. Got the Smith on my hip, when it clip, niggas dip

16. Plus they chick's on my tip. Uh

17. They call me a beefcake, I'm so like Brutus.

18. They all do tricks cause I do this one two shit.

19. Man I kill every track I'm on.

20. Nigga signin' out Marv Won the Pop Icon.

**Ro Spit**

1. Yo, if you wanna find me, I'm at the top of the list.

2. Wit a sign next to me sayin' Ro is the shit.

3. I'm probly in some Prada from my top to my kicks,

4. Now ya jockin' everything from the watch to the fit.

5. I'm fly, y'all opposite this, I'm the popular pick

6. You on the rocks? I'm on the rocks with a twist.

7. No chase, but chase profits a bit. You niggas plottin' to get,

8. a slim nigga. Yeah my pockets is thick.

9. That's why I'm that guy, see the haters pass by

10. Put work on a nigga like his name flash drive.

11. We up, re-up like my nigga Ab-Live.

12. My feet up, we lust gettin' money that's life.

13. I shine like I'm set perfect in white gold,

14. And focused on the goal like I'm on a tightrope.

15. Lookin' down on you niggas through a lens night scope.

16. To shatter all ya dreams & crush ya high hopes. Oh.

17. Ro a dope child wit a rope-a-dope style.

18. Go for broke I'll getcha flow broke down.

19. Ya'll make us laugh like Bozo clown,

20. We the Piff & keep a hit like the old Motown.