A Different Arrangement

by Ro Spit

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The return of the Fly Emcee is upon us with a slightly different approach. Arriving June 8th is Ro Spit’s, A Different Arrangement. Ro Spit has been propelled by his widely played OH S#!T Project which elevated him from the pack of rappers without an identity to an artist with a heavy broadband following.

Artist inspiration can be channeled through many unexpected outlets; it forces them to take an angle that may not have been visible before. For Ro Spit, that inspiration arrived in the form of fellow Michigan representative Mayer Hawthorne and his Strange Arrangement. Understanding the notion that music never limits itself is a very liberating mindset. Ro acknowledges “I don’t have certain or specific things that inspire me. I just know when I feel it, and then just hit the gas.” Ro Spit made a transition from reverberating bass patterns to trumpets and cymbals, showing his diversity and musical dexterity. And he almost did it overnight. Ro quickly took his time and completed the project in less than a month, another ode to his voracious work ethic. The project cradles the listener and rocks them through unexpected twists and turns, going from juxtapose storylines to outright semi-automatic verses; or as rappers say – Bars!

This arrangement is comprised of the musical production from Mayer Hawthorne’s previous arrangement, as confusing as that sounds it makes perfect harmony. With no features and special guests, Ro Spit is the solitary emcee to finesse this delicate music. There are many superlatives that could be used to explain this outstanding work, but for now let’s just call it…Different.


1. An Altered Prelude
2. A Different Arrangement
3. Just Might Work Out
4. Maybe No, Maybe So
5. Your Easy Lovin Ain’t Foolin Nothin’
6. I Wish It Wouldn’t Rain
7. Made It Mines
8. One Track Mind Of A Spitter
9. The Illy
10. Old & Bogue
11. Let ‘Em Know
12. Green Eyed Hate


released June 8, 2010



all rights reserved


Ro Spit Pontiac

The multi-talented Roland “Ro Spit” Coit started at the roots deejaying parties across the Metro Detroit area including the iconic St. Andrews/The Shelter, eventually grasping the sound hip hop crowds love to hear. Amidst his deejay sets, Coit wrote rhymes as well, a testament to his insatiable work ethic. His launch-pad arrived in the form of his cousin, One Be Lo. ... more

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Track Name: An Altered Prelude
So yeah, uh, err umm
Sooo, uh...
Pretty much, I made...
A Different Arrangement
Track Name: A Different Arrangement


Sometimes, (sniff)

You gotta go left field right?

& somtimes

You gotta catch people off guard

& that's kinda what this is about

My name is Ro Spit, & I'd like to thank you for joining me

1. I'm here to show you somethin' that you niggas never seen,

2. The music take you places that you niggas never been,

3. Like deep inside my mind I'm livin' In this effin' dream,

4. Oh yeah so when you take that loss just know I'm on a better team,

5. The king of I castle @ the top of I mountain

6. I no longer deal wit bills I hand them off to my accountant,

7. I'm loungin from afar I see my enemies they shoutin'

8. Even wit they mouth closed, its the energy around 'em.

9. I doubt they ever say it to my face & its a shame

10. I just Kanye shrug my shoulders like, damn these niggas lame,

11. Its like they interchange, I don't know ½ these niggas names,

12. In the spot I entertain, so when I enter its change,

13. I was blessed to take something that was strange to begin with

14. An arrangement that I changed what was strange now is different

15. The people that was dissin' on my songs now a listen

16. That's cool cause what started as my thoughts became a vision

Now you see it.

& there you have it

The introduction of, Ro Spits, a different arrangement

Shout out to Mayer Hawthorne,

for making this so easy for me,Haha

The music sounds so lovely don't you agree?

So I'm not gone talk ya head off

Bout to get into it

Once again

I am Ro Spit

& this is

A different arrangement
Track Name: Just Might Work Out
Ha Ha
My name is Ro Spit
This is a Different Arrangement

I got here wit no co-sign, no validation,
On the way to the top all I had was patience
A breath of fresh air, a couple clever statements
Now niggas want me in a box or sittin' @ the station
Hatin', what the fuck these niggas mad for,
Your time is up you had a chance you let it pass boy,
I'm whippin V8's & up on a crash course
& won't stop until my nudies look like a cash drawer.
I fast forward past yours, but when spit writin',
You see alotta thumbs up, like they hitch hikin',
You disagree I see ya eyes its like a nigga pshychic,
but I'on't care how you feel I bet yo bitch like it.
Heh, & that's all that really matters,
Cause once I got them, (ha) the money comin' after,
& once I got that we can start another chapter
Tears used to come with pain now they come with laughter
So...I'm cryin' all the way to the bank,
Then we hit the bar I'm buyin' everybody dranks
Its alotta people here that wasn't here a year ago this date
Who the fuck are ya'll fuck em all yeah I feel you Drake.
Wait, cause when the bottles stop poppin',
They all go & left hiMalone just like Stockton,
You can't believe you ran through all that cash
Ya people said they had ya back they talkin' all that jazz.

*It just ain't gonna work out*

--VERSE 2--

Yeah, & now we on to the next verse,
We network to increase on our net worth,
& now we shinin' & we startin' wit our neck first,
That's why we keep the thang tucked like a dress shirt.
Flirt with the groupies just to reel em in...
I love to see they face when I tell 'em that they didn't win
Throw em down the hall to my young boys (send them in).
Victory taste sweet like cinnamon
You see me in the streets, I'm prolly wit BA,
Ron Dance, Big Chop, maybe PK.
Smoke, Can-Non, Louie, Log & Sea Face
The freakin' Deezin, Reece Scizzy yo my team great.
Hey, the niggas I dash wit, I'll crash wit
They was there when I was broke now I'm on my cash shit
Drastic, to go from there to here was like magic,
Now we keep it classic, yup my nigga that's it.

Yeah, that's it man...
Sometimes it can work out you know,
Heh, some guys win em all...
I'm just happy to be one of those guys. Ha ha
Ro Spit
Burn Rubber
Track Name: Maybe No, Maybe So
Maybe So, Maybe No...
Let's have some fun man, that's this is about right?
A Different Arrangement According To Ro Spit
I'm here man, like I said I just wanna have fun, haha
A yeah a yeah

I'm who you need to put ya money on,
Cause if ya money short then I can make ya money long,
Make ya money tall you can make ya money off
The last one off the rack yeah I'm the moneyball
Swish, follow through leave it in in the wrist
Shrimp & lobster on my plate I think they leavin' out a dish,
Crab, I laugh think I need a couple kicks
So I dropped a couple dollars now I'm leavin' out of Wish™.
Atlanta, can I, stand another ama-
teur up in my face tryinna claim he is a rapper,
He said that he was hungry so I put him on a platter,
I wish his father death so I can claim he is a bastard
C'mon fam it ain't nothin' that I can do for ya
If you bring me ya resumé maybe I can employ ya,
But not @ burn rubber, & I could use a lawyer
Contract for you to be my mini me Vern Troyer
Hell, you already playin the part well,
These niggas lightwork you can't weigh 'em on our scale
Team Ro Spit get it we always on our cells
I'm tryinna stay on Nahright new music the cartel
Eskay 2dopeboyz what up Gotti,
I'm too dope boy nigga son of poppy,
The shoes I got on is a one of probly,
I call ya girl tell her get that nut up out me,
Cocky I know, pop me some Ro
Sé Ya boy gettin' cheese, Asi-ago,
Drop me some doe you can copy the flow
& the ice on me stay Rocky Stallone
You sloppy fa sho, & far from ya home
& my God if a nigga try & stop me, its on

Yeah...Ro Spit
A Different Arrangement, According to I
Maybe So...Maybe No.
But we gone do it anyway, yaundastandme
Track Name: Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Foolin' Nothin'
Here's a little story I'd like to tell about
Here's a little story I'd like to tell
Huh, ya'll never believe this man...
I couldn't believe it so...
Just listen.

Amaretto sour, gingerale & lime juice
That's the way she like it, it seem to get her mind loose,
I'll have a gimlett, mix it wit the Flying Goose
Baby so petite, I think she was a size two
I'm new around, she said it with a slight frown
She said she needed sex & said she need it right now
& being I'm a man & the first she met in my town
Some guys win em all guess who's gettin' piped down
On to her crib man I think I been here before
I said fuck it though & laid her flat like a herringbone
Down on the couch we never made it to the bed yo
I got so much leverage, I think my fuckin' leg broke,
Jokes, led to laughin, which led to passion
Smashin', then I heard the bitch say action,
Wait, I'm thinkin', she speakin'
Looked to the right & saw a red light blinkin'
Whoa, hold up, say it ain't true.
I thought of something, play it off smooth,
So I had my way asked her if she liked the taste.
Played her like its mace, sprayed it on her face.
She yelled, what you doin', then ran to the bathroom
Some got in her hair, it's like vidal sassoon.
That's my Q, to be out the gates.
A classic case to get her cake,
No time to wait, I grabbed the tape
Grabbed my clothes & gravitate to the door for escape, late

Ha, listen dog I'm tellin' you
You'll never believe it man, I got to the crib...
& put the tape in, & I almost threw up dog.
I mean like everybody was on this tape dog.
I mean like, ahh, I can't even tell you man listen
All ya favorite, all ya favorite rappers, all ya favorite musicians & everything, producers, they all on there man
Yo fellas I got the tape, ya'll ain't got nothin' to worry about
Hahaha, keep ya money in ya pockets fellas
I destroyed it man, its good, ya'll good ya'll good, we all good
Hahaha, Ro Spit
Track Name: I Wish It Wouldn't Rain
Ro Spit
A Different Arrangement hahaha
And I Wish That It Would...

Uh, It's so much in this world that a nigga can't explain,
But yet its so much out her for a nigga to attain I'm
Gettin' out my name, yet somehow I must obtain My
Creative control somebody get this shit to Dame But
Shame on the nigga if he think I'm gettin' under,
The umbrella from rain if the cake ain't gettin' fronted
Niggas high be off the hype but then they record sales plummet, ha
That's just food for thought that most niggas can't stomach So
When they throw it up, (up) we still pourin' up, (up)
Faded off the liquor that my niggas toastin' plus, (plus)
The weed that's in the dutch,
The green that's in the paper that my niggas roll is Kush,
We plush up in our section you can barely get a look,
My shit is of the chain, you can barely get the hook
So I can't be there for that price, I am clearly over booked
But, when you get it right you know I'll be there on that flight
And we can touchdown like a Manning & be back the same night,
That's what they call jet settin' the lessons the next message
Yeah we do the same thang but mine come wit less effort,
This is God given talent what I do is just better
Track Name: Made It Mines
Uh uh uh
Yeah, Ro Spit
We in here
Let me see what I can do with this one
*clears throat*

I'm the man in this bitch others pail in comparison
A nigga try me child please I'll Embarass him
I am at a price you can't a Ford Harrison
I don't care what you bought, I bought more **Baltimore** Maryland
I really hate to tell ya but ya not even a Real threat,
Niggas hate the kid & I ain't even got a deal yet,
Just to keep it clear, you ain't even got the skill set
Look inside the mirror behind ya ears shits is still wet,
Kneel @ the feet of a King when I'm walkin' by,
I live the quote, numbers don't, men & women often lie
Niggas can't get to where I'm @, but they often try,
I gently spray the pat, Lay 'em flat, in they coffin die
Often I, tell it like it T I is,
Do whatever for the bread I gotta feed my kids.
I'll say it once again try & read my lips,
Oh Shit Ro Spit in this B I itch,
Shit I'm tryinna see some diamonds wrapped around my wrist
A nigga step up I move him right down my list,
I got game yo the chicks say I sound like Hitch
They think a nigga found God, I just found my niché,
You see I'm Rich in my mind & even richer wit the cashflow
Can't get to where I'm goin' bein' bashful I spazz yo
& frankly don't be mad when see me give me dap
& I pull my hand back I'm a asshole

I'm so much of an asshole, I'm done
Verse over...
I'm out
Track Name: One Track Mind Of A Spitter
A Different Arrangement,
According To Ro Spit
Some people say I got a One Track Mind
All I think about is money
You know
That's sounds about right

Everywhere I go, yup I am VIP status
You are C average look @ me, you'on't see average
How I pick up these habits, Life I'm livin' the lavish
I am trouble in the flesh nigga I am the baddest
½ of what you did in life I did it by my second verse,
I am here to tell you that, you are just the effin' worst &
I am Ro the best so fresh oh yes & nothing less than perfect,
I am all you need for real for real the rest is never worth it.
On the surface here you have a person that's the hardest workin'
Rapper in the game niggas lame its a shame I murk 'em,
One thing is fa sho fa sho, & two things is fa sho fa certain
I am one bad mothafucka & ya mother's flirtin'.
Spit is known to break the bank & bounce it like a basketball,
Put me in a place to make some cake a couple stacks involved &
You will see a show, a standing O, then hats is off
Now see if this'll take you back to twitter #thatisall
Track Name: The Illy
Listen, first of all
No ad-libs, no stacks, nothin'
This the one ya'll thought I wasn't gone do but...
I'm bout to try my hand at it

Yeah I'm a fly nigga gettin' mine livin' my life
Its a given I'm nice if you Pippen I'm Mike
Which is double time devine The humble guy be bumble fly
Bee I tumble dry The opposition rhyme
Reaper grim, tall with a lethal grin Awws
When I leak the pen, pause for applause Cause the means
Tend to reap the end Like needles underneath the skin of people
With the least relent Seekin' allegiance thru convenience
Equals a weak defense now plead the fifth your reps essential
Resident or residential testaments'll test ya mental effin'
With the destined gets you, left behind like if you never
Press rewind bless with effervescent lines whether guest
Or shine, guess who's next in line I keep it moving forward,
My never play the border aura keeps you listening to the chorus
At least, fat beats pack heat when it meets
This rap beast track speech I know I'm hot go head & cash me out

Get some of that, nigga!!!
In this bitch cookin'!!! What?
You see it
Ha, Ro Spit
A Different Arrangement... According To Thus Thou Art
Track Name: Old & Bogue
Uh, uh, uh, uh
You're here at the uhh...
Ro Spit hour
Playin' all your slow jams & quiet storm hits
I'm givin' you all that I got baby
A Different Arrangement

Yeah, yo girl came wit you but she rather be wit me,
She said she was from Cali but he had her in the D,
I seen her blowin' purple in a lavender caprice
These niggas caliber is cool, but they amateur to me
I told her I can take her places that'll have her so deceived
My baby thought she was a foreman cause I had her overseas.
Please, I tell her shit I know she can't believe,
& I know that she wit me, cause I'm badder over beats.
She said she like it rough so then I smacked her on her cheeks
& then I pulled her fuckin' hair & left her yaki on the seat
Indeed I didn't really mean it guess you have to had to see it
Shit she had a nigga screamin' when I had her on her knees,
Geez I need to keep her, see uh baby is a sleeper
She can roll & hit the reefer then she hand it off to me,
But she is not a QB she's a cutie wit a ghetto booty
Last time I seen her she wit Crack & Demeet?
I heard she was a runner wish I knew that for I got her number
Last summer Kev hit her, Keith even got it from her
I wonder, I hope my niggas used a couple rubbers,
She fucked wit Clifford damn shame that's my youngest brother,
She gave the head to AD & Tay its gettin' weird
But she wouldn't fuck wit Dee Bo, until he cut his beard,
So then he cut his beard now she hate his goatee.
That nigga looked @ me & said I feel so cheap,
She a freak you know she know it she the baddest to the bone &
Baby give it to you straight just like we passin' the Patron,
Cause she don't give a fuck she in a class thats of her own I mean
She think just like a nigga when it comes to gettin' boned,
I admit she was a cleaner I just had to get between her
From a Cutty or Regal to a Bentley Benz or Beamer
She was cool as one of us she hang just like a carabiner
I see you lookin' at me crazy but that's cause you never seen her she was Cold

What appeared to be Shiny & New
Was Old & Bogue, ha, it be like that sometimes
Everybody's names in this story,
Have been changed, to protect the innocent
Haha, or the guilty, hahaha
Ro Spit
Track Name: Let 'Em Know
Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh

Yeah I'm the type of nigga that go for broke,
Quote what I spoke what I wrote is gold,
Blow or the coke just know that Ro,
So full of dope I'm overdosed,
So if a nigga think he dope as me
Tell him I made dope dope I'm coca leaf.
Cause they ain't bout shit they 0 for 3,
I smell them niggas over here they like potpouri,
Don't believe the hype, go end ya life,
And by the end of the night I'll be in ya wife,
If you want me on a song I'll send the price,
I got ya money on my mind you'on't spend it right,
So send it my way I'll hit the highway,
I'm so straight up yet sittin' sideways,
How you gone catch up to get to my rate,
When I play the game I ball its high stakes,
For Christ sakes Tom why you all in Myspace™?
I stand over ya'll I'm tall as skyscrapes,
M I state of mind I'm a rhyming Primate
Gorilla over beats & I'm startin to Climb hey

Get it?
Buildings ya know?
King Kong, heh heh
Aww man, ya'll, ehhh
Ro Spit man...I try
Track Name: Green Eyed Hate
This is a true story,
Kids, don't do drugs

Ok I wanted to get some weed me & maine we had a pair,
Of Swisher Sweet™ or Phillies™ tryinna put one in the air,
See we was up @ Eastern™ & we didn't have a care,
He buy a dime I buy a dime I figured that was fair,
Then Tate came in wit a movie on the real
This s'posed to be some funny shit I haven't seen it yet let's chill,
Or we can get some kill, so we headed to the hill,
Let's call it "Oh My Darling" so his name is concealed.
Maine ain't have no gas so I said fuck it & drove him,
I had the tightest twist so when we got back I rolled 'em,
That nigga Tate said, I heard his shit have you folded,
I asked Maine, damn what has this nigga done sold him?
After the "L" was rolled I through it in the microwave,
Cause usually when we do that man we be high for days
So I grab our favorite lighter, so we can start to blaze
Make sure we save a roach to smoke for my nigga Torré,
Tate popped open the movie through it in the dvd
I hit the blunt & looked away & everythang turned to Clay
Yeah I said Clay, like the same thang as Play Doh™,
They said this show was funny at the time I didn't think so
Feelin' like a big disgrace, everything stuck in place,
Everytime them niggas laughed, from me was SMH.
I hit the tree so hard I guess I kinda set the pace
Now my heart beatin' so fast I'm starin' death all in the face,
Its like I'm in a race I'm paranoid @ all the shit around me
Then I started feelin' weird I felt my soul leave my body.
As it went up, I'm lookin' down I'm thinkin' What The Fuck?
I swear I'll never smoke another blunt I think I pressed my luck
I hit it once, that's it & passed, they had to lace the weed
Then I remember that I rolled it damn I'm trippin' (yes indeed).
These niggas dyin' laughing I don't see what's so damn funny.
We bullshittin' life dog niggas out here bummy.
Money rule the world & we barely gettin' by,
They like, Ro you blowed but you fuckin' up our high.
I said aight I'm out, then my legs got weak
And I stumbled off to the back room & passed off I'm sleep

Aww man
Man I even woke up high
WTF was that shit these niggas had me smokin'
Yo I ain't ever smokin' again dog I'm done.