The OH S#​!​T Project

by Ro Spit

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One of the most coveted independent albums to come out of Michigan in 2009, Ro Spit drops his first solo project on November 10. Known for the fly guy emcee style, Ro Spit has chosen to take the path less travelled by labeling his “Oh S#!t Project” as more than a mixtape, but not quite an album. The project features the likes of hip hop greats like Bun B, Curtains, Marvwon, Big Sean, Monica Blaire and Stretch Money. Sponsored by Acapulco Gold and Burn Rubber, the tracks on the project prove to be just as fresh.


released November 10, 2009



all rights reserved


Ro Spit Pontiac

The multi-talented Roland “Ro Spit” Coit started at the roots deejaying parties across the Metro Detroit area including the iconic St. Andrews/The Shelter, eventually grasping the sound hip hop crowds love to hear. Amidst his deejay sets, Coit wrote rhymes as well, a testament to his insatiable work ethic. His launch-pad arrived in the form of his cousin, One Be Lo. ... more

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Track Name: Too Easy (Prod. DL Jones)
Yeah... hahaha I'm Back... 
I really ain't go nowhere but...
DL Jones, what up? 
Ro Spit
This shit too easy dog, too easy.
I been on my A game, nigga come test/
I'm handing out L's, what nigga want next/
Checks filled wit O's I'm killin' success/
& make ya girl go down every night, sunset/
Its about time labels fell in love with the kid/
Every show ladies like can you come get us in/
I do it for my Cardi niggas, buf wit the lens/
Prolly see me in ya city boy, tucked in a Benz/
Friends come & go like Dro in the wind/
So I add to my great like ya oldest of kin/
Ya know what it is, Ro get it in/
Shit he got the whole globe on the shoulders of him/
Brim cocked low, I been got doe/
Fuck another channel stay tuned to my show Yo/
I'm out in Cabo listening to Blöcnotes/
On a Yacht boat, gettin' in my stock quotes/
I'm off tour off shore, scremaing bon jour/
& what you askin' bout the cost for, its Damier/
You see the writing on the wall like a chalkboard/
Its like I found my fresh & you lost yours/
I'm on the top floor, lookin' down on you niggas/
Ohshitrospit you just found me on twitter/
Bitter, I'm walkin' wit my finger on the trigga/
You got a couple fish to fry, I got bigger/
I'm a Pop Icon™ I'm late to everythang/
& Don't be mad at me I'm just steppin' off a plane/
Dang, the fame, I was tappin' my dame/
Shiiiit, You better be happy I came/

Hahaha Pop out.
101 nigga
DL jones, Let's get it.
Track Name: What A Feeling (Prod. Astronote)
Yeah, hahaha,
I'm going right in.

*Verse 1*
My rhymes feared like the hammer when it cock back/
They send shots to ya body like some cognac straight/
I stay over ya head like a top hat/
& got cats clumsy over bars, they drop stacks/
I pick it up, & head straight to the Gucci or/
The Louis store, 'swhat I tend to spend luchi on/
You flirtin wit death like tryinna hit a groupie raw/
Cause I'm the best until another nigga prove me wrong/
Right? I left niggas @ the green light/
Wit three stacks they couldn't catch me cause they jeans tight/
Hipster, the flow smoove off the richter/
I need a bottled water gotta cool off the victor/
Mr, call me anything but broke, or a joke/
I turn into an oracle, & pour my soul/
My niggas keep trees like a forest yo/
I hit you wit a couple quotables & Let the chorus go/

Everybody make room, when I'm in the building/
Ass to the floor, hands to the ceilin'/
My brand gone build 'til my cash in the millions/
Damn its appealin', Oh what a feelin'/
(Being broke is funny now) Oh what a feelin'/
(We, we gettin' money now) Oh what a feelin'/
My brand gone build 'til my cash in the millions/
Damn its appealin', Oh what a feelin'/

*Verse 2*
I'm from a place where the scoundrels crawl (Yac)/
Hounds & all, get lost or get found in chalk/
Where you could make a lil money off a ounce of raw/
& you can make it anywhere if you can bounce a ball/
My niggas used to fuck wit Mo like Countess Vaughn/
Not Esha, Rosè, now its Dom P/
We on that classic shit, the Keep It Classic Click/
From the same place of the dude who Asher Bit/
Pass the fif, pass the piff, you better pass that nigga/
You ain't passin' this/
My crew put ya crew in bandages, we got the order/
& it read, "Thanks Management"/
Handle it, ya flow got holes like a intertube/
Put me anywhere I'm the flyest nigga in the room/
You wonder why the broads want em, blogs wanna interview em/
My bars hot like July, or the end of June/

Repeat Hook 1x
Track Name: Hold My Strap (Feat. Big Tone) (Prod. Big Tone)
Big Tone
It's MoeJoe & Ro Ro...
ha ha, uh uh uh uh uh,
Yo, let me speak on it.

*Verse 1*
Where I'm from most cats don't even know I rap/
But the flow so cold & ya know I'm that/
Throw a finger to ya fam & I hold my sack/
I made a couple dollas now I hold my stacks/
Shake em up shake, I might throw my crap/
(huh) But I'm a hustla I'm like yo bet back/
I roll 7 (fuck), 7 (shit), 7 (damn), 9 (catch)/
3 (caught that, Let Em go) 11/
I'm not Prince, but still a prince 'til my pop die/
Left field call my shot, I'm pop fly/
Until then I'm in a drop when I drop by/
Askin' what you lookin' at? like a cocked eye/
Not I, I do mine to the best of my/
Abili-tie, send him by 'for I kill a guy/
I'm feelin' right, chillin' eyes to the ceiling sky/
Pen-ning rhymes in the prime of a niggas life/
Get it right

*Hook (Big Tone)*
It ain't where you from yo, it's where you at
& fuck where you been, you can fold ya map
It's about where ya goin', momma told me that
So everywhere I go yo, I hold my strap
Haters gone hate, poppa told me that
So gone let 'em hate, they can't hold me back, I'm gone...
Let me speak on it...Preach!

*Verse 2*
Where I'm @ most cats'll prolly neva get/
Them niggas can't fuck wit me like I'm celibate/
You prolly find me where the cheddar is/
Thats why niggas wanna beau-Ro like the betta biz/
Ness, dig this as God as my witness/
I flip flow when I go like a gymnast/
I get doe on the track like a pimp just/
Put his hoes on the track for the trick it's/
Ro Ro & Mojoe we the shit ya'll/
That's why I'm vicious on the mic like a pit dog/
In Vicks yard wrong move you might get malled/
Another day another time you might get robbed/
(Yeah) Go for style, I'm the fresh nigga poster child/
Joke around, I broke a frown wit a poker smile/
Mocha brown roam a town like a coca pound/
I'm over ground solar bound when I go for now/
I hold it down

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
I'm going to the top yo, to the top floor/
I'm out the gates nigga running like a snot nose/
You can't touch what you can't see Oc so/
Smoove & i'm makin' moves get ya popcorn/
I'm hot bro, I got paper when my stock rose/
From the bottom to the top like (pronto)/
I'm not yo average rapper baby I'm a smart guy/
Them other niggas par 3, I'm a par 5/
It's like apartheid, see we on another level/
I bought another watch see he bought another bezel/
Another rebel in the game & yo I won't settle/
My shit poppin on the block like the toast metal/
I'm what the pot called the kettle & the game mine/
You hear the rest, then hear me & see a changed mind/
The bass line killin' niggas like a hate crime/
If I don't know you, I don't know you nigga same time/
Man same time

*Repeat Hook*

*Outro (Big Tone)*
ha ha ha, Yeah Oc, where you @ baby?
Let 'em hate, you know what I'm sayin'
It's real talk, it ain't where you from boy
We bangin' it out...
Coming wit that real, that real, that real shit...
It's ya boy T.O.
Track Name: Scream @ Me (Prod. Vaughan T)
Vaughn T
To hear Ro Spit what the World been missin'/
I think its bout time for the world to listen/

Let's get em, (scream at me)
Let's get em, (scream at me)

Shout out to A Side, AML what's good...
Let's Go!!!

To hear Ro Spit what the World been missin'/
I think its bout time for the world to listen/

*Verse 1*
If you'on't like me, you'on't like yo self/
They say the flow so hot, I turn the mic on, hell/
Breakout, hey now, yeah my life goin' swell/
I'm here to give the world records like Michael Phelps/
Now shall I stop & sniff a Rose, or do I stop & sip the Rosé/
I'm thinkin' Viva La Vida like Cold Play/
It's no way that they can see us, No Ray/
& keep a bad bitch around Me (mi) like Do Re/
Fa so (la)ng I figured I was in another league/
This nigga settin' pics while I was comin' off the screen/
Which mean ya'll was takin' flicks, I'm in HD/
Back to the wall, still 1080p/

To hear Ro Spit what the World been missin'/
I think its bout time for the world to listen/

Let's get em, (scream at me)
Let's get em, (scream at me)

To hear Ro Spit what the World been missin'/
I think its bout time for the world to listen/

*Verse 2*
How dare you rank another rapper over me/
Somebody better "tell 'em" like Soulja B/
O Y, oh why he the coldest see/
My last 2 x's call me Mr. Dos Equis/
Please, I'm so damn interesting/
These rappers think they sick, its just indigestion/
They into mess &, I'm into weapons/
Don't nobody want to cross me like intersections/
But the groupies they a trip man they go for broke/
My niggas get the "Face" & "Book" like Social Scope™/
I wrote a note in black & white & called it focus hope/
Now I create my own styles I'm like rope a dope, Ohhhhhh!!!/

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
As my eyes hide behind a pair of Mosely Tribes™/
I still find a way to look past the phoney guys/
They so deprived, Holy Christ/
I just throw my wrist out & let the Broley shine/
To some my content shows a lack of focus/
To me, it shows style I'm so braggadocios/
It still feel funny when a fan approach/
I sat down in first class, this niggas ran to coach/
Bro, I got My feet up, seat back I need a/
Red wine & dine before the engine even heat up/
Now we up, 30,000 feet wit a diva/
Mile high club, man the beat couldn't beat us/

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: Eff THe Po's (Prod. Forekast)
Ayo, fuck the police comin' straight from the under, (What)/
Yeah a nigga got it bad cause I'm from the/
City where the body's start droppin' in the summer/
& Poppy got it locked, he got the blocks up in the Hummer/
See Ocky flipped what poppy got him, shot him wit the gunna/
& Mommy sippin Arme from the Bar see that's a runner/
Her nonni put ya body & salami in a slumber/
But I be in the sloppy like a rock be wit the lumber I'm a wonder/
I hit it like Rocky wit the upper, smash it/
Wit the plastic then I pass it to the drummer, give him some of/
Provide it to you live in living color/
The rich is getting richer while the dumb is gettin' dumber/
See some is gettin' dinner while it's others gettin' supper/
But I'mma bring it to you like the lightning & the thunder wit the thumper/
My youngn's hit ya, slump ya wit the pumper/
& when the jumpers come up wit the questions tell 'em Nunya now/
Track Name: I Do Me (Prod. Koen)
Yeah, I do me, so do you hahaha
That's how I live my life man, what other way is it, ya know what I mean?
Let's go!

*Verse 1*
I'm the illest, the flyest, should be called ya highness/
Everything we do we keep it classic, timeless/
Went from silver now all of my niggas floss diamonds/
As big as onions I wondered why is it yall cryin'/
I've been, grindin' & that's what yall minus/
Spit that shit that get up in ya head, cold, (sinus)/
The same for the chickens niggas dickin' all dimers/
& Neva fucked wit nappy headed hoes Don Imus/
I just do me & do my best/
I'm sick of sayin' that I'm dope, I digress/
I let that red thing pump inside my chest/
Neva worry bout a damn thang bye bye stress/
Ha, yeah, The lyrics just go/
The man in the mirror couldn't mirror this flow/
Chilren get doe if you hearin this yo/
& put ya hands up if ya feelin' this gooooo!!!!/

*Hook x2*
I do me...
So do you...
& don't you dare think that you can ever do what I do...
*Verse 2*
Where I'm from talk is cheaper than the paper money printed on/
We to the top, y'all to the block like a minute phone/
Blah blah, yaddi yah y'all bitch & moan/
Gangsta rapper need to change ya name to Bitch-N-Bone/
Phrikshun home, eviction note/
I get it poppin' Lyrics hotter than a kitchen stove get/
Oh shit!!! I'm all about the pro-fit/
Or profit, pop shit & get a glock clip/
Your just a pawn inside the world where the rich run it/
Fuck a budget I could show him where to shove it/
I payed a lot for this belt, around 3 Hunned/
Cause Y'all scared of the gooch like Arnold Drummond/
Bummin', I can't stomach Yall über geeks/
You need to know, I speak "Fly Nigga" fluently/
Who it be, soon to see me on a koen beat/
Y'all Niggas losin' cool points, a coolant leak/

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
They say you're nobody til somebody kills you/
I say you're nobody til somebody feels you/
Cool, I'm real smooth, a ill dude that got skill too, (so)/
I feel my cup to the limit & I spill truth/
Oops, I'm not Urkel but did I do that?/
They say I leave the mic smokin' like a pipe do crack/
A punk could jump up & get they eye blue black/
Wit two raps I'm off the wall like Michael Jack/

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: Leave Me Alone (Prod. 14KT)
Cliff Notes get doe wit the Cobra clutch
14 carat gold wit the midas touch
Roll a dutch, crack a bottle, lite a inscent man, do what you do man
We get it in, Octane go
*Verse 1*
This just a introduction for the few that don't know Ro/
& if you do thanks again for supporting the flow/
Maestro might blow I got 'em outta control/
Now it's official ticial I'm the freshest nigga you know (Whoa)/
You bout ya hustle ain't ya playa, play on/
a gimmick livin' out a image you portray in a song dog/
I'm silky smooth your like a swatch of Rayon/
& my kicks like I stepped in a box of crayons/
Ayo, I'mma keep it funky like a sniff to ya nose/
Real recognize real 'til the real get exposed/
Shit it's cold when ya down on ya cake/
Tell my people all we can die tomorrow, so we live for today (Hey)/
My niggas grind in the street, & they hold heat/
All up in ya crib wit the nine to ya teeth. Beef/
That's what they call dyin' to speak they use the Iron. But me?/ 
I speak thru iron when I'm cryin' to beats, so/
Haters get ya paper & leave me alone
Get money nigga
Haters get ya paper & leave me alone
Ya better get ya bread right
Haters get ya paper & leave me alone
We get dollas by the fistful
Haters get ya paper & leave me alone
Get money
*Verse 2*
Yeah, it's like we boostin' the crime rate/
The shit you hearin' now is illegal in 5 states/
& me I been movin' since '9 - 8/
From the bottom of the barrel to the top of the sky crapes/
You play wit rhymes? I'm bout as serious as shade 4 -5/
& right above niggas heads like a halo sign/
I'm on my J O grind, you niggas hate on mine/
By the spine I got something that'll change yo mind (It's a 9)/
& bar 9 is where I found my niche/
I was scratchin' too long before I found that itch/
But I found that bitch, & it sound that sick/
It's top shelf no chaser I just down that shit/
& keep it movin' like cars after a funeral/
Niggas understand I got the purest flow, you're wit Ro/
Both go together like the numeral I/
Stand on my toes like a midget @ a urinal, sooo.

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
Yo, get ya paper mane, (Mane) get ya gwop dog (Dog)/
Get ya cake get ya bread, to the top ya'll (Ya'll)/
Get doe yo, (Yo) get ya cheddar fella (Fella)/
My niggas hustle do whatever we some mozzarella gettas/
Yeah the boy he gone earn his pay/
You can see it in my waves my hair turning gray, Herb/
Ya pockets burn like a Vernors taste/
Give the boy a 'lil time, he gone learn his way, say/

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: I'm Booked (Feat. Ron Dance & Marv Won (101)) (Prod. Mike Posner)
Let's Go...

Yeah, Um, we are 101, & we are definitely all we got.
So, it's a secret society man, all we ask is trust, yadig?

Let's Go!

*Verse 1 (Ro Spit)*
Yeah, I'm a Pop Icon™, address me as such/
I just signed a contract that was written in Dutch/
Its just another outlet for you to listen to us/
This popular for the masses Wit a michigan touch/
Much of what we do Puffy knew about or heard about/
Sir we ship a Mil while you niggas move it word of mouth/
We livin' sunny gettin money in absurd amounts/
& drinkin' liquor 'til we spill it from the sternum out/
Ouch, we hot sweatin' like sauna/
Take ya lady Poke her face like Ga Ga/
We just steppin' off a plane left Gana/
Its cause my niggas Run Summers like Donna/
Your honor, I'm gettin' off scott free/
You prolly do a couple years ya not me/
I'm in ya top 3 that's why I get a top fee/
You dudes ain't fuckin' wit my Crew, Mötley/

Holla @ my manager, See what's on the calendar, put it in ya planner
Cause Nigga I'm booked
Hit me wit a email, catch me on Twitter, you'll prolly be bitter
Cause Nigga I'm booked
No I'm not a dummy, ain't a damn thang funny, It's all about the money
Cause Nigga I'm booked
No hard feelin's, I'm tryinna make a killin', It's all about business
Nigga I'm Booked!!!

*Verse 2 (Ron Dance)*
Man it it feel good 2 see people up on it/
Ship 2 mil 2 weeks but didnt flaunt it/
My crew stuntin which one of u crews want it/
Detroits most wanted man I shoulda rapped first/
By the end of this verse I'mma be overbooked/
Why ya jointz never bang and ya songs overlooked/
I'm Overworked, Thats somethin you can debate/
If you don't do it like I do it than you can't relate/
Don't be a jerk, you ain't gotta send a email/
I don't care about ya song, I don't need the details/
Cuz everytime I rhyme man I rhyme very hard/
And I be booked, I be booked like a library card/
So don't waist your time trynna to put me on game/
I don't understand you, I don't speak Lame/
Im fluent & fly, you don't do it this fly/
Who has 2 thumbs and BOOKED...This guy!/

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3 (Marv Won)*
Killas!!! I'm way too important to be talkin' bout recordin'/
Catch me in the club, I'm Errol Flynnin' or Lordin'/
Man ya'll niggas is boring, & the camera loves me/
I'm always in the Flash like Gordon/
I've done it all, from Movies to tourin'/
In this draft you are Sam Bowie, I'm Jordan/
& I'm surrounded by a bunch of Harold Minors/
So Please forgive me if I don't have the time to/
Chew the fat, fam where is they doing that at/
I pound the pavement 'til my knuckles blue & they black/
OJ Mayo, I'm back on my Grizzly dude/
If you not talkin' money then I am too busy for you/
Don't take it personal I'm gettin' to the duckets/
Your girl is great @ catching balls, similar to Pucket/
The life of a star, I live it & love it/
& I know I make you niggas sick, *Puke* here's the bucket/

*Repeat Hook*

Yeah, we are 101, the newest super group, uh... 
Ro Spit, Marv Won, Ron Dance, uh huh, yeah... 
Ay man, I gotta go dog, I ain't got time cause I got another appointment to get to...
I'm gone, Not One Minute. WE ALL WE GOT!!!
Track Name: Burn Rubber (Prod. 14KT)
*Verse 1*
When the rubber meets the road, it burn come holla/
We all about the flip, gotta turn them dollas/
& that make sense, & the cents make deals/ 
The deals make mills, & that give me chills/
The feel, keep it real, if you hate me die/
& I'm gone spit 16's like 8 + 3 + 5/
Shake these dice, the pie? let me take my slice/
My life to this point is what make me nice/
& if it's about being special, I'm damn near retarded/
Spit a verse niggas face look like somebody farted/
Hands in the air, lyrics over here/
Fam on deck like the enemy is near/
& the pupils of they eyes showin', I'm mind blowin'/
The lines flowin', you fall in love like the (#)9 potion/
This is it, pitch a bitch or a fit, on the flip/
I know I'm fly cause i'm sitting on some shit/
cause I'm sittin' on shit, yeah I know I'm fly cause I'm sittin' on some shit/

*Verse 2*
Yeah I'm unique, more couture boutique/
Stay fresh 2 def, I'm a whore (Shoe Freak)/
& my whole team ready like it's fourth & three/
We got a little something for you if you snore, who's sleep/
Peep, I'm the man now, you just a fan now/
I'm the flyest nigga livin' pimpin, hands down/
You play the background, I flash out of town like/
Why fit in? I was born to stand out, heh/
I spit a line, you try to jack-it like a letterman/
I'm a veteran, better than Excederin/
Pop me in, I make the pain stop, change spots/
Set 'em up, niggas fall like rain drops/
I cop heavy, in the hood like a box Chevy/
& break niggas, now the block call me Rocksteady/
The rocks heavy, the glock deadly/
Locked ready on ya box, gettin' spins like a pop medley/

& I say "Pop" cause I am a Pop Icon
We "Pop In", & we "Pop Out"... BITCH!!! 
Track Name: Needing To Win (Prod. 14KT)
It's like, we, we win
you know what I'm sayin' 
like, it's almost like we need to win
It's kinda like a drug & shit
like, I don't even know what losing means
It's like, It's like it's in us, you know what I'm sayin'
& it's like we need it...
We need to win.

*Verse 1*
I'm in the prime of my life they say, Ro getting better/
At a time in my life I'm bout doe gettin' cheddar/
Standin' at the door bout to blow getting fed up/
But, I'm what the french call, "Lé Coolest Nigga Ever"/
Cooler than whoever nigga smoother than some leather/
Movin' thru the groove prove dude just incredi-/
Ble, yeah the flow got bro's wit the shit face/
& got hoes wantin' to know how my dick taste/
You roll wit me we off in Vegas Bay, Mandalayin/
Livin a life that ain't real to them, animation/
She act complacent but her palate waitin' salivatin'/
I'm on my shit like my last name's sanitation/
Shore please, but tour seas a socialite/
That smile so much, niggas know I got a overbite/
You over hyped, I took it there like its overnighted/
& go ham on the program, sho ya right/

*Verse 2*
I'm riding down the strip, wit the windows black tint/
745 was the time & the class of whip/
stuntin' in some vi's & the Penny Half Cents/
Baby in the back bent, Wit a spanish Accent/
Mackin, packin', grands niggas stackin'/
You can't get in here, its ya swag niggas lackin'/
Action, time for some ass Luther Van shit/
Pushin' red line wit a dime music blastin'/
Champion! My crew in a whole 'nother league/
I'm gone on these niggas how they gone fuck wit me?/
Luckily, I'm known on the scene sucka free/
Lookin down on you fools, I'm so uppity/
Chuck a peace, release now I'm back on my biz/
How the fuck I'm gone die knowing that I didn't live/
Shit, connected to the streets like a bridge/
Stunt button, frontin' spendin' chips like I'm rich/
Bitch! I came from the bottom of the barrel/
That's why I rock chains & rock dames like a Pharaoh/
Still gettin' by, still fly like a Sparrow/
How the hell I'm gettin' thru & the view so narrow?/
Now I deal Merrill, Lynch its a cinch/
But sometime it get intense like we fixed in the trench/
& you fixed on the bench, pickin against/
Ro, you lose like you gave up winning for lent ohhh!!!/

This that shit man
You sit back & chill, light up a j
Get a bottle of merlot, you know what I'm sayin', 
Sit back & zone out
Sometime you feel like, like ya shit just a lil bit off
& you need a win
Shit just, just a lil bit off, you know what I'm sayin'
This that shit to get you back right.
101, Grumpy Old Men, The Pilots.
Track Name: Muthafu#*as (Prod. CA$HCADE)
Uh Huh...
Shout out Reggie Noble.
Turn It Up!
Let It Bang!
Let's Go!

*Verse 1*
Ayo, my mom's water broke, & a star was born/
All parts, all heart & he far from norm/
I was told, weak niggas, make it harder for 'em/
So I read me a book called Art of War/
Ever since then, niggas been mad at me/
& I ain't even have shit, like Adam Eve/
& all the Hoes like, Ro how can it be?/
Then I go & wife Kane like Danity/
Uh, I'm in my Charger like my Iphone man please/
There's no nuts in ya mouth, here have these/
The bad seed that'll show you wit the hand speed/
& if you try him, prolly end up dyin' like the last breed/
& Ain't no future in yo frontin'/
Other emcees, man they ain't sayin' nothin'/
They muffin, bluffin', wack no substance./ 

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 2*
Last time you seen me, I was fresher than clean air/
Whether in high end couture or street wear/
These 1 of 3, & I got 3 pair/
Prolly not to you, but to me it seem fair/
Dude so smooth like Swiss, the movement/
Crooks x J-Twizzy on the wrist'll do it/
You think i'm from the Chi by the way that I do shit/
Always been a Leader, & I clique wit Cool Kids/
My crew thick like Angel Lola/
Yours "Toothpick" better change ya flow up/
Ro get "Doe" like my name was Homer/
& I'm so Fresh 2 De(f)ath I should be a donor/
When I became owner, my sag got lower/
A big "F You" to who thought we wouldn't blow up/
But so what, go nuts, Ro so Cold cut...

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: #1 (Feat. Curtains, Big Sean & Bun B) (Prod. Frank The Butcher)
Ha ha
Uh uh uh uh
Butchers block, here we go
*Verse 1 (Ro Spit)*
Check, yeah, the track got hot once I got on/
I wear my heart on my sleeve Comme Des Garcons/
I know I'm the shit, my French Pardon/
A king in the booth I get my troops march on/
We outta here, bars drop ya thinkin' I'm a enigma/
Cause I been had swag back when it was charisma/
You know I'm a champ by how I'm raising my fist to/
Not be #1 I couldn't live wit that stigma/
I figure, I was at the top & I'll neva slump/
Neva pump fake nigga I'd rather dunk/
You feelin' good about yaself go head bet a hun/
I take ya girl then ya pride, then the cheddar come/
You've neva won & ain't dreamed about eva winnin'/
2nd place the highest place that you ever been in/
I do whatever for the cheese, I'm forever grinnin'/
This verse amazing & it couldn't a had a better endin'/

*Verse 2 (Curtains)*
Curtains, I'm the best at it, number 1/
Wit the flow, KRS at it/
& I'm handin' out L's like Nike I'm a chess addict/
You try to battle but you lost like a Meth addict/
I'm like Meth at it, I'm the fuckin' man/
I done ran dem all like cunningham/
No gun in hand, but these warning shots/
Try to dis me, then I'm on ya block/
You lookin' shocked, like we done fucked up now/
I stay in the cypher like puff puff pass/
No Spliff, but I'm a Star like Busta man/
Already said it once, but I'm gone tell 'em again/
I'm number one, (one) uno, no dos/
I'm like a atheist I got no hope/
For your week raps, you can keep that/
I got the game all twisted like Keith Sweat/         

*Verse 3 (Big Sean)*
What you know about, (bout) being the best @ (yeah)/
Any place you reside or rest @/
Used to have to check back, now I hand back checks/
& can't remember the last time I seen flat chests/
Out of town luggage lookin' like a chess match (Louis)/
Or a tournament, chain look like a ornament/
Me & yo bitch fornicate & she ain't on no foreign shit/
But I hit her from behind & leave a wet back/
& then I pass out. 
Then I took ya girlfriend & turn her to my mascot/
Hometown hero but I never pull my mask out/
Bet the crowd love me love me like I hit the last shot/
Sometime ya first shot, can be ya last shot/
So see what I do when the ball get's passed out/
Yep, but everybody call me Big/ 
Go hard or go home, so I don't ever see the crib, Bitch/

*Verse 4 (Bun B)*
Say, I'm bout to handle my business, who is this/
The Big Dawg of the South, don't forget this/
Now sit back & bare witness like Lebron/
To the King, AKA boss I'm so the Don/
All that, been that, now I'm ahead/
On some other shit tryinna get my hands on my bread & don't (What)/
Let it be said that I do not run it (run it)/
I bet you what you tried to do, I done done it (done it)/
Ridin' foreign cars, doin' foreign shows
Makin' foreign money, fuckin' foreign hoes/
Held down VIP & popped bottles/
Made it rain up in the club & knocked models/
Later for that mane, it's all in the rear view (view)/
I got my eyes on the prize in the clear view (view)/
Ya gunnin' for the top spot & yeah I hear you (you)/
But me I ain't 3 & I'm nowhere near 2 (two)/
So looka here dude (dude)/ 
Track Name: 80's Baby (Prod. Soji)
*Verse 1*
See I'm a 80's baby, born in the 70's black/
Fuck around wit me, I'll bring the 70's back/
I'm askin' ya'll dogs where ya pedigree at/
It's probly over here, where it better be at/
It's the return of the Mack, or the Flyguy Supa/
Dupa, hustle on the track plus a hooper/
Remember in the day when you pass that "J"/
Pop in the tape, let the whole tape play/
Ya bop down the street & rock to the beat/
Wit Lees on ya leg, Adidas on ya feet/
Now I'm on the creep, mobbin' wit a freak/
Prolly gettin' noggin while I'm noddin' off to sleep/
Peep the fuckin' cars, the drug dealer facade/
Call another broad, try & swing a menage/
Shit gettin' hot I think I seen a mirage/
I pulled on the L & pulled off singin' Debarge. Them was the days/
Track Name: Levi Denim (Peep How I Kill 'Em) (Prod. Nino The Pelican)
Peep how I kill 'em in my Levi Denim
New 59/50 on him
See I stepped on the scene, & I look so clean
Pair of 514's on him (on him)
Peep how I kill 'em. Peep, Peep how I kill 'em (kill 'em)
Peep, Peep how I kill 'em in my Levi Denim
Peep how I kill 'em. Peep, Peep how I kill 'em
Pair of 514's on him (on him)

*Verse 1*
See how the denim sit fresh on a pair of fly steps/
40 tuck, gucci buckle no crease line, check/
I drop pie, key lime, you can not deny/
Cause when I got em on I feel like I'm a Fenom/
Levi button fly Five 0 number Five/
Watermelon Cuff, Clot times symbol Medicom/
Met a dime, took her to the store I'm like you better buy 'em/
Spend the cheddar do whatever call me Kevin Federline/
Set aside a Thirty Six, Thirty Foe in the length/
Never 511 for the kid them too skin/
Tight in the fit & my grip too thick/
But I'ont wear skinny jeans cause my dick to big/
Dig, sip a swig of the liq Grey goose we/
Rock Vi's from the Jordan pack, Two Three/
Ooh wee I got another pair of stüssy's/
Dude my life a movie I'll tell ya over a loosie/

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 2*
Where I'm from is the slum niggas Rob they'ont pay for goods/
Nine in ya face, ya petrified like ya made of wood/
& see the haters hate hard like a hater should/
Somehow I still feel good in my Neighborhoods, (Ugh)/
We used to call em Hards, now they call 'em Shrink To Fit/
They so raw, so heavy they could sink a ship/
Quick think a bit, things a get asinine/
My pockets deeper than my thoughts & I'm a Mastermind/
Pass the lime & Patron gone live it up/
I cause havoc wit the Kaws fabric nigga what?/
Spend a buck, flip the cuff, its like I get a rush/
Its sumthin bout that Red Tag & them Rivets (unhh)/
I'm so sick let me tell you what I'm bout to do/
Go looking for the Flu, & I got it too/
Copped a few pair of Alifes, & the Fragments smooth/
When I spell LEvi, the E is Capital/

*Repeat Hook*

Track Name: Warm It Up (Feat. MarvWon) (Prod. Big Tone)
Ro - I'm on my Old school shit one time for ya mind...
Marv - Bong
Ro - Octane Marv Won, what the fuck you wanna do...
Marv - Oh Shit!
Marv - I'm the K.O.T.J. throw ya hands up scream I go DJ
Go DJ, Go DJ
Go DJ, Go DJ

*Verse 1 (Marv Won)*
Come, get some, you little bum/
None of you rap dudes can fuck around wit Won I/
Got a sweet tooth, come for the cake, & I'm/
Scrapin' up every single crumb on the plate/
I'm a boss I'm sorta like T. Danza/
I'm too good at the game I'm B. Sanders/
Let's play a little game of follow the leader/
Punch you in ya face, now they follow the bleeder/
Front row, you are all in the bleachers/
I am light years ahead of all of you creatures/
One verse worth more than all of ya features/
Niggas get scared, they don't call me for ether/
I can learn you more than all of ya teachers/
The killas my religion, some call me a preacher/
Rhymes a sport, kill rappers for leisure/
I got so many moves I give all of them seizures/
I go to work like Moe Dee/
A nigga say he tight, he got to show me/
House hold name everybody know me/
Shit & everybody know what the fuck it's gone be/
I'm a winner other rappers are losers/
The total opposite of everything that you're used to/
I bleed facts freeze you in ya tracks like medusa/
These niggas need sweet raps, I am the tutor/

Ro - Warm It Up Marv
Marv - I'm About To
(Repeat 8x)
Marv - Killas

*Verse 2 (Ro Spit)*
Take two other men with soul that you probly know/
I demean niggas like the Whitney & Bobby show/
Ro so cold cold like frosty the snow man/
I dont play games better get with the program/
So damn, rogue and I am a whole hand/
Full of coke blow & dro I'm the dope man/
Take a toke blam, get hooked on the flow Stan/
I am chosen like the weponry Bro. Ham/
Conan baby I dont think you can top that/
You a tattle tell I see you where the cops at/
Oc stats top rap prolly should not nap/
A hottie to ya body from the shotty I cock back/
A baby dessert eagle 9 milli in tip top/
I said baby dess a step under what Big got/
Or Big had whip fast givin' you whip lash/
& look at what she bought, yeah I'm spendin' my bitch cash/
Show me any nigga I'll show you a mismatch/
I put him on the ground now they callin' for dispatch/
You gotta ketchup.  Before you can get past/
Yeah I'm a hero gettin' ready for gym class/
See I'm a winner other rappers are losers/
You can catch me at the top with the shakers & movers/
Nigga I'm the shit like I'm droppin' a deucer/
& I bet I steal the show like I am a booster/

*Repeat Hook*

Marv - Warm It Up Ro
Ro - I'm About To
(Repeat 8x) 
Track Name: Arts & Crafts (Feat. Fes Roc & iLLiTe) (Prod. Frank Dukes)
yo, yo, 
look, look, look
*Verse 1 (Fes Roc)*
You never heard nobody nice as me, Fes Roc/
The glock blaze, I put ya chest in a not/
The doe tripple, the flow cripple niggas/
My state of mind be too complex for simple niggas/
My triggers let 12 spin, like Van Helsing/
In Hell's den, where the wolves eat you, check it/
The lead shells twist minds like carousel/
I send 'em to the worlds unparalleled, you know my M.O./
My mindstate, boost the crime rate so gritty/
So gutta, my city like no other/
Young theives & crooked undercovers/
We smack niggas thru the doors of the ER, fuckin' wit BR/
KicSounds now my money weighin' legit pounds/
I keep a big clip when I spit rounds/
Roll wit the Forgotten...Chosen, the .44's blowin'/
Kick ya front door in, leave ya whole body frozen/

*Verse 2 (iLLiTe)*
Just that fast we the last of a dyin' breed/
You roam the earth I doubt you find a nigga live as me/
Nigga slim wit the tilted brim, I am he/
The flow push ya dome back watch ya lines recede/
That's no lie, I sat & watched the days go by/
Like movies, shot in a perfect sequence .45/
Became so fly between sequels, my new nickname/
Is dessert eagle, I rep for my peoples/
Young niggas in the struggle, hustle to hustle/
& just beginning to flex my muscle cock deez/
Or the stock lethal, ups & downs in the game/
Where niggas chase a couple hot c-notes or hot singles/
They low budget, I'm top tier but the flow rugged/
& bang classics from Cold Steel to Cold Blooded/
The aura keep the hoes coming/
& make fools out of foes who pose like they no something/

*Verse 3*
Ya favorite rapper fell off, we turn ya frown to a smile/
Round here we gettin' down, get in town do it out/
If we fall we bounce back like Ju-Venile/
Cause I been had Hundreds like Ju, Sha-Pow/
Now I'm on my A game, I'm 4.0/
& lockin' niggas up mayne, ya boy can't score/
We straight to the Vip man you boys can't go/
But she can, c'mon, you lost ya girl, Jane Doe/
So you understand why the style so brash/
I used to do it for the love, I do it now for the cash/
I'ont care about ya peoples or about yo past/
If you try to play my cake I'll take it out yo ass/
Pass the flame let the white smoke hang/
I'm cooler than the diamonds in my white gold chain/
The Washingtons turned to Jacksons, not Michael, (dang)/
Ya record need me I'm insurance like Geico mayne/

Track Name: Stop, Drop, Roll (Prod. Koen)
*Verse 1*
Ayo I'm back like I left sumthin', or like I Neva left/
Ya lines fruit punch, I am for everfresh/
I am an edifice a Nigga Everest/
I go hard but I make it look effortless/
All the extra stress I don't need/
I blow weed hold heat speak & don't think/
Ya flow be Kobe, me I'm dos three/
Show me doe please, blink I'm ghostly/
& I don't sleep momma said sleep when ya die/
See I'm alive so when I rest I rest wit one eye/
Cuff my, nuts I, come by dumb fly/
Plus rise to the occasion nigga touch sky/
It's one side to the story & I tell it well/
I got God on my side I could never fail/
I Sit between Heaven Hell where the reverends dwell/
I mean I don't gotta lie, this shit sell  itself/


All in together now, Oc Got Go
Say it one time for me, Top Notch Flow
I'm everywhere, how could you Not Not Know
This shit is on fire nigga, Stop Drop Roll

I'm on fire nigga, Stop, Drop, Roll (Repeat 4x)

*Verse 2*
Ayo, The flow so stupid everybody gotta know/
I told it it was chilli outside it gotta bowl/
I gotta go I got a show out in Monaco/
& they sayin' at the end it's a pot o' gold/
We trot da globe that's something you'll neva see/
I'm the shit, & that's something you could neva be/
Check the pedigree, I rep it to the death of me.
I hit the booth, spit the truth, mix the recipe/
It's safe to say I'm bout my paper like loose leaf/
I lose sleep over Louis & Gucci/
I hit the store the cheddar gone like poof be/
If you'ont like how im livin', sue me/
Sit back & watch a Nigga do what a Nigga do/
The kicks run a buck fifty like 10 to 2/
Them dudes takin' up space like a interlude/
Just send him thru & get him chewed like dinner food

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: Do You (Feat. Earl Mac) (Prod. Jay John Henry)
*Intro (Ro)*

*Hook (Earl Mac) Repeat 2x*
Oh shit, you ain't know that Ro Spit, do you
We focused, you ain't know we rollin', do you
Understand me, we bein' all we can be, do you
See me do me, you should go & do you.

*Verse 1*
You know me, I'm the one guy, get to the front/
Could have any girl I Chooz like Jimmy, the pump/
Babe boy call shots like I'm poppin' the deuce deuce/
In ya girls ear like my name was Bluetooth/
Get in the booth, (Oh Boy) when I let it go/
You know the flow on point like a decimal/
Learn ya lesson yo, I'm a professional/
That's how the pockets stay green like a vegetable/
I'm so sick on the mic I needed medical, (care)/
I hug the kick kiss then snare & call it x & o (yeah)/
Somebody let em know. I'm not Reginald/
I'm Kush fire nigga higher than a seven four/
Seven fold is how we flip bread dickhead/
And I'm the best period. Like a chick bled/
Addicted to the kicks fresh, shit yes/
& when you see me, throw it up like a bench press/

*Verse 2*
Ayo, niggas gone hate on the boy, I promise/
My daddy was a playa so, I got it honest/
If you talkin' bout some paper neighbor add a couple commas/
So the diamonds on my watch can turn yellow like jondus/
A pompous muhfucka wit the skills set to back it/
My rhymes stay smooth like a ill leather jacket/
You lackin', I'm cool calm collected in a package/
But at any given time just say the word, i'll let him have it/
They call me automatic cause i'm 10 for 10/
That's why every third person got it in for him/
That's in for me, but no sympathy/
I just let the kids play like Gymboree/
I'm in too deep in a Benz two seat/
Dippin' them slew feet Sippin' Hen ooh wee/
Who's he grippin' two heats me I'm the crew chief/
True beast reign over niggas like a roof leak/

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: Yours Truly (Feat. Stretch Money & Monica Blaire) (Prod. Koen)
*Intro (Stretch Money)*

*Verse 1 (Stretch Money)*
Yo, I'm tryinna get in position to get my momma/
That bigger kitchen my nigga listen. When I'm spittin'/
I do it for those who can't kick flows but wish/
They could do it, If they could, they would do it like this/
This rap shit is easy, I do it like/
Takin' a piss, or better yet, takin' a shit/
Leave the mic full of feces/
I'm a creature, whole nother species, believe me/
When you see me think twice about a rhyme fest/
Niggas get forgotten about whenever I'm next/
I'm Stretch in the flesh, I ain't dead yet/
The world owe me, I ain't got my bread yet/
We ain't homies you ain't grow up wit me/
Nah, you wasn't baggin' up that O up wit me/
Now you see I'm finna blow up quickly/
You notice that I drink good & roll up sticky/
Just like a bitch on my Joc like Block Entertainment/
Dog this is not entertainment/
This is emceein', Levis Adidas/
I dress like it's 90's gold chains & Filas/
Habitat grimy eastside for life/
My name'll live on if I died tonight/
Shit, I'mma just Burn Rubber on 'em/
Cold, ain't no sense of frontin' on 'em/

*Hook (Monica Blaire)*
We livin' right when nobody thought we could
Your pockets are light but I stack that shit like bricks
Now you're pissed, I'm rich & I wish that you were here
Mail a postcard to you dear, signed yours truly

*Verse 2 (Ro Spit)*
He got it crackin' my baby I get it crackilatin'/
Come on the track like I'm jackin' or I'm Masterbatin'/
Songs hot like I'm spittin' on a track wit satan/
& kill a verse like I'm sendin' it to camp wit Jason/
Chasin' the paper like it's Henny, I'm a splash of coke/
Get in the way I grab a rope I'm comin' at ya throat/
Never confuse Ro wit what another rapper wrote/
Cause I'on't write rhymes, I write ransom notes/
Handsome so I keep the bunny's & the hunny's mumblin'/
At any given time I'm leavin' out the party stumblin'/
But I'm so fly it's like a nigga hoverin'/
You think I'm Irish by the way you see my money Dublin'/
To make somethin' outta nothin' what my life about/
I used to Payless, I roll wit Nike now/
Wipe me down I'm out here tryinna make my city proud/
In a flash like when bitches pull they titty out/
So let me tell you now if you don't know I'm a Boss/
Like Hugo clothes, you niggas Pseudo Ro/
When the pressure's on you gone fold
I'm the one like uno you so dos/ 
So, I walk around like my shit smell real good/
This for my Cardi niggas frames wit the real wood/
Them niggas shoppin' from the burbs to the real hood/
So fuck rap, Burn Rubber doin' real good/

*Repeat Hook*
Track Name: Verse Collage
*Verse 1*
Yes, Yactown...
In association with Gun Rule
Check it

Yo, I hear the slick talk, but I don't see the slick in ya walk/
I'm raps Michael Vick, you're a vixen in shorts/
In 4 bars spittin' I be kickin' the raw/
You a bitch muhfucka need a dick in ya jaws/
It's flatterin' that a muhfucka stick in ya thoughts/
But throw another shot Oc'll dig a ditch for your corpse/
Of course my niggas bogard, the flow God like/
That's why they praisin' me everytime I go off mics/
I'm not a show off but blow off the doe floss/
At no cost & so raw put a chrome ross to yo boss/
Depression settin' in, this nigga poppin' Zoloft/
I'm pacin' life I'm waistin' on vacation bout to go golf/
Toast off the Cliquot we see doe & eat/
Ya weak show weak flow change ya name to finito/
Padico is me yo, you wish you could be Ro/
& tell ya girl to stop callin' iLLiTe ohhhhhh.

I keep my movement movin'
Motivation is the cause of that
Niggas not real
Snitches what we call rats
Lil' nigga don't want nothin'
So lil' nigga fall back
Fake niggas bow down
Why cause the real is back
Yup yup
The real is back
Yup yup
The real is back
Fake niggas bow down
Why cause the real is back
Yup yup
The real is back
Yup yup
The real is back

*Verse 2*
I am the flyest nigga that you've seen thus far/
When you've been royalty niggas seem sub-par/
You prolly word a whole verse, I only heard one bar/
I am a grown man pull yo pants up boy/
I don't care bout ya denim what they cost or what Religion/
True I got a lotta work but since you asked I am a Christian/
I'm still writing rhymes but beside that I'm chillin'/
Like a villain on penicillin from killin' in a prison/
& you were the victim I pick em & rip 'em all to shreds/
& like before the game start I flip 'em on they heads/
Or tails, if all else fails I bail like a bond/
But I ain't runnin' no where, you fell for the Ban/
Na na in the tail pipe, you niggas snail like (slow)/
That's prolly over yo head like in the air flight/
The music that I make it make the cutty trunks vibe/
Rate no mistake don't hate but if you blatant I/

*Hook (Repeat 4x)*
Cry 2 tears in a bucket, fuck it
Let's take it to the stage

*Verse 3*
Yo iLLite gimme a beat, I give you 16/
I get green & cream, I'm every chicks dream/
Spend a couple thou on a pair of sick jeans/
A sick tee sick feet, the whole fit mean/
Now I understand why ya'll so mad/
But two wrongs ain't right, that's where ya'll go bad/
Like you a day old, I know you hate Ro/
But come to Burn Rubber I'll put you on the payroll/
The flow so special like a baby first step/
Or even more like a baby first breath/
The doe came in it probly made me worse/
& now my nuts hang like a ladies purse/
Words can't express how sick I is/
I guess I'm more sick than a sick guy is/
In ICU, like a fish eye lens, huh/ 
Niggas can't fuck wit the shit I spit bitch/

*Verse 4*
I'm the flyest nigga livin' I'm killin' you niggas softly/
The best at what I do, I'm Emerson Fittipaldi/
Call me in the game it's gettin' a lil saucy/
Of course Ro ball, my niggas they call me spalding/
I'm at the finish line waitin' on you niggas right?/
I started at the same time as you niggas right?/
I'm livin' life to the fullest, ya'll niggas bullin'/
My niggas pushi it to the limit, ya'll niggas pullin'/
The only thing I pull is corks out a fuckin' bottle/
& got a duck for a buck that'll suck & swallow/
I can't stand niggas call me Uncle Ruckus follow/
You me, you in the lead & niggas hate to see it/
I know, I know, ya boys cop heavy, for that/
I keep stacks on deck like they ready to bat/
Heh, that's the line of the year, real niggas know/
We gettin' money over here, Pillsbury Doe/

*Verse 5*
Man niggas been hatin' on me since the 80's/
Back when me & O Fin got it in wit the ladies/
You probly hate me cause I only do it if you pay me/
Kidd wrote the contract, I held out, I'm on day 3/
& all I asked for was a Faygo & a black/
That's my dude I come thru, but from you I need a stack/
& see the back of me go rapidly blow a sack of weed/
& I bee in ya bitch mouth like a daiquiri/
Actually I'on't even do this shit/
But I'm the flyest nigga from the brim to the kicks/
& these 1 of 50's, you ain't fuckin' wit me/
I got the 9 milli cause ya eyes kinda shifty/
& ya'll niggas talkin' what you got at the mall/
Holla at ya mans yo I bought the whole store/
Nah I'm for real Burn Rubber is back/
You know I had to say that to make you mad/

*Verse 6*
Around here we stay fresh to death/
Nothin' less than the all white ones wit the custom check/
Ketchup I'm in a Mustard vet, Relish in the dutch/
Hot Dog stop the talk & cut the check/
'Nuff respect, up ya bets Octane/
Let loose on the mike they call me dump the tech/
'Round here you better come correct or you'll be/
Layin' dead red & the doc'll have to pump ya chest/
Punks get checked, lumped & set, even OG's/
Cochise roast beef slumped & wet/
You put a nigga wit a hustle, watch a love connect/
& see his block stay poppin' like it's Club Excess/
It's a war goin' on get ya guns & vest/
Bless the flow the boy bust like he come from sex/
I skipped school to hit the league like Buff & Text/
Ure hearin' Waterworlds finest ya'll fuck the rest/

*Verse 7*
Burn Rubber in this bitch.
I remember it like it was yesterday

I got my momma on my back, I gotta get me a job/
Cause if I don't, man somebody gettin' robbed/
Got goons on the team you prolly thought I was Plies/
They call it snatch & grab you win it you get the prize/
See I's kinda high meanin' I was out my mind/
But the bills startna climb & I's runnin' outta time/
In the prime of my life but I'm feelin' like I'm dyin'/
Then my phone rang, so I'm picking up my line/
Its my nigga Rick, this nigga talkin' bout some kicks/
I ain't tryinna talk kicks man a nigga broke as shit/
He ain't talkin' bout his own, he tryinna own his own store/
Tryinna Run his own show like the house Simmons Joe/
I ain't tryinna miss out, I ain't tryinna shoot the breeze/
I ain't have it up my sleeve but I gotta get the cheese/
we was in intense meetings when nobody believed/
And when I say nobody, nobody was we/
Now we run the state huh niggas caught the vapors/
Late registrate come on homey We major now/
He, he, he Gucci please Louis V, Nudie Jeans/
Chef peice I ordered gimme a week. A week?/
I ordered gimme a week. A week?/
I ordered gimme a week/
Ha, we drop ice in shit, on the spot fuck comin' back twice & shit nigga/
Track Name: Renaissance State Of Mind (Feat. Monica Blaire) (Prod. DBit)
*Verse 1*
Yeah I'm out that Yactown™, now I'm down in Royal Oak/
Right next to thai spot, Burn Rubber™ that's my spot/
I'm the new hot nigga, & since I made it here/
I can make it anywhere, yeah the love me everywhere/
I used to cop @ Fairlane, now I'm up in Sommerset/
Find me on the rich side, just got me a Louis belt/
Catch me in my shoe box, me & Chuck on Luther Street/
See me on my grind like TK on a skate team/
Cruisin' down Jefferson all black Sunbird/
Drop top chuck a deuce ain't gotta say one word/
Me I'm out that Yactown™, home of that boy Kutta/
Even tho he gone, not forgotten that's my muhfucka/
Say what up to BA, Northside Everyday/
Niggas playin' snatchies & they send you on yo Merry way/
Born to a D-Boy, poppa named C. Coit/
Yeah I'm from the Yac™ but when I'm outta town I'm from.../

*Hook (Monica Blaire)*
Detroit, concret jungle where thugs are raised up
My city stand up
I'm from Detroit, It's our music the world lives & dies to
Our song inspires you
I'm from Detroit, Detroit, Detroit.

*Verse 2*
Me & Rick in Royal Oak @Burn Rubber Mane/
Yeah I made Burn Ruber hats more famous than Big Sean mane/
Niggas know I bleed red, but I ain't a blood though/
They don't do that where I'm from, but yeah I know some thugs yo/
Welcome to the D-town, home of that hip hop/
J dilla, Proof, Em, we even got Kid Rock/
I See you in that SS, me I push a charger/
Shout out to them D-Boys, who pushin' them Mauraders/
8 Million rappers, spittin' out here on the grind/
Quit, its a shame most of ya'll ain't gone get signed/
Me, I'ont give a fuck, yea bro I'm gettin' mine/
I be in the studio, but only on my spare time/
Burn Rubber everywhere, yeah nigga life good/
Rollin' thru the D blowin' Tree bumpin' Icewood/
Spirit of Detroit, home of the Hittsville/
Son from the Yac™ but when I'm out of town I'm from.../

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
Lights is blinding, niggas need shades on/
Walkin thru life trump tight get ya spades on/
Bitches so cold, you awoke? Nigga up & at em/
They'll set ya up quick, Don't bite the apple Adam/
Now you in the in crowd, always in style/
Cardi frames denim jeans Maury Gators & a Al Wissam/
Old English D, yeah you see it on the brim/
Real niggas gettin' bread, the city's filled wit them/
Dude took a bus trip, say he gotta bust out/
Now everybody cop from him, & bitches wanna fuck now/
Hail mary to a chick if she a virgin/
She say she want a "Doe" Boy, so she went to Pershing/
Dropped outta school got addicted to the high life/
You can play it over run it back like a highlight/
Oh shit Ro spit rep the Motor boy/
I'm from the Yac™ but when I'm outta town I'm from.../

*Repeat Hook*

Yeah, I tried to give ya'll a chance man
Ya'll took too long
Ha ha ha ha
But when I go outta town man...
It saves a whole conversation dog...
I'm from the "D"
Ya'll need to get outta here man...
Go somewhere & learn sumthin'
Yes, we outta here man...
Burn Rubber all day...
Whole Detroit man, whole metropolitan Southfield, Yactown...
Inkster. Downriver, man whatup
Wherever you at man...
We rep this shit!!!