Alotta Those [Dirty]

by Ro Spit

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New Pre-Album leaked track from Ro Spit's...The Glass Ceiling Project due to release 10/25/2011


1. It ain't too many rappers where I be... I'm where the money at.

2. I hope these rappers guaranteed...I want my money back.

3. It ain't where ya from, it's where ya at I think it's funny that

4. Alotta niggas think I'm from the D but I'm from Pontiac.

5. Spat. The past tense of what ya mans do

6. My fam cool, we FUBAR & go HAM too.

7. You better pay me what you owe, ya shit is past due.

8. I leave the scene with the green...SNAFU.

9. My tattoos will tell the story of my whole night,

10. I hold it tight but take a chance like I roll dice.

11. I'm married to success. See how they throw rice.

12. Yeah we eloped with the hopes it's for our whole life.

13. No lie I put that on my daughters college fund,

14. I gotta run, but I'll be in it 'til the dollars come.

15. I'm not the one to take an L, but I ain't knockin' them.

16. Whether a loss or a blunt, cough a lung.


Designer clothes, I'm in those, sick as a common cold
It's phenomenal, when we rock & roll
We linin' hoes up like dominoes
Lock & load I cop it, that's why I got alotta those...
Haters swingin' on my dick...
I got alotta those.
Niggas takin' notes on this...
I got alotta those.
Ya shoes man, that ain't doin' shit...
I got alotta those.
And the bars man they ain't gone quit...
I got alotta those.

1. Give me a whole pie, I don't want a fucking portion.

2. Yo momma should've swallowed, or had her an abortion,

3. Caution, I'mma keep droppin', more shit.

4. And you ain't got enough to win, you probably need to forfeit

5. I'm scorchin', Spit in the pages of Fortune,

6. 5 double 0 or Forbes &, It's more than,

7. Some clothes hanging on my back I'm so couture,

8. And for real I'm more Gucci than Jordan, I'm Lordin.

9. 4th & goal they call my number like I owe 'em.

10. These niggas say they lookin' for the truth I'm bout to show them,

11. That I am what you hate to see when thinkin' of opponents,

12. Cause I am what you see when at the top cause I am on it.

13. I know it's surreal I can't lose I'm like Parker Lewis.

14. Many try but fail cause they ain't got the heart to do this.

15. I am in a whole nother league I'm like a Harvard student

16. IV (Ivy:4:for) your information, I'm far from stupid.



released October 1, 2011
Prod. Koen



all rights reserved


Ro Spit Pontiac

The multi-talented Roland “Ro Spit” Coit started at the roots deejaying parties across the Metro Detroit area including the iconic St. Andrews/The Shelter, eventually grasping the sound hip hop crowds love to hear. Amidst his deejay sets, Coit wrote rhymes as well, a testament to his insatiable work ethic. His launch-pad arrived in the form of his cousin, One Be Lo. ... more

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